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16:05 Changeset [10605] by mkommend

#2171: Added new ParameterOptimizationProblem and the external evaluation with Scilab to the trunk.

16:02 Changeset [10604] by mkommend

#2171: Updated plugin file for DotNetScilab.

15:25 Changeset [10603] by mkommend

#2171: Updated ExtLibs solution.

15:22 Changeset [10602] by mkommend

#2171: Added DotNetScilab and HeuristicLab.DotNetScilab to the external libraries.

14:05 Changeset [10601] by mkommend

#2171: Added folder in ExtLibs for the Scilab DotNetComponent.

14:00 Ticket #2171 (Integrate ScilabParameterOptimizationProblem in the trunk) created by mkommend
The functionality to optimize real-vector encoded problems, whose …
13:43 Changeset [10600] by mkommend

#2082: Updated HL Scilab coupling (license, config, plugin, ...).

13:03 Changeset [10599] by mkommend

#2170: Update symbolic data analysis solution analyzers to track the generation in which the best solution was found.

13:00 Ticket #2170 (Analyzers should track the best generation of the reported solution) created by mkommend
The best training and validation solution analyzers should track the …
12:50 Changeset [10598] by mkommend

#1997: Update symbolic data analysis solution analyzers to track the generation in which the best solution was found.

10:38 Changeset [10597] by mkommend

#2196: Reverted accidentally changes to the HL 3.3 solution.

10:31 Changeset [10596] by mkommend

#2169: Implemented solutions analyzer for symbolic regression.

10:28 Ticket #2169 (Tracking of training and test quality for solutions) created by mkommend
For algorithm development it is beneficial to see the training and …


16:07 Changeset [10595] by mkommend

#2082: Implemented reviewer comments for the Scilab parameter optimization problem & evaluator.


20:12 Changeset [10594] by mkommend

#2082: Updated copyright and used Environment.NewLine instead of \r\n.


21:06 Ticket #2160 (CreateEnsembleMenuItem doesn't clone the selected DataAnalysisSolutions) closed by mkommend
done: r10593: Merged r10526 into stable.
21:06 Changeset [10593] by mkommend

#2160: Merged r10526 into stable.

21:03 Ticket #2166 (SymbolicDataAnalysisAnalyzer must not use AsParallel for parallel execution) closed by mkommend
done: r10592: Merged r10576 and r10578 into stable.
21:03 Changeset [10592] by mkommend

#2166: Merged r10576 and r10578 into stable.

21:01 Changeset [10591] by mkommend

#1997: Added reevaluation of all indidviduals after migration to island algorithms and fixed symbolic data analysis evaluators for island algorithms.

17:42 Changeset [10590] by sbreuer
  • enhanced selection of cells
17:37 Changeset [10589] by psteiner

Implemented Filterview, ComparisonFilterView

17:19 Changeset [10588] by mleitner

using IStringConvertibleValue

17:07 Changeset [10587] by mleitner

Fix Comparision Filter

17:03 Changeset [10586] by tsteinre
  • divided/refactored PreprocessingData into TransactionalPreprocessingData and preprocessingData
16:45 Changeset [10585] by rstoll
  • Apply sort had unnecessary refresh - fixed
  • Refactored notOwnEvent - own method triggersOwnEvent for saver usage
16:44 Changeset [10584] by abeham

#2168: Added transport plugin for jMetal 4.5

16:41 Ticket #2168 (Integration of metaheuristic frameworks in HeuristicLab) created by abeham
HeuristicLab could be used to run algorithms implemented in other …
16:28 Changeset [10583] by rstoll
  • copied StringConvertibleMatrixView since we need to override dataGridView_CellValidating and dataGridView_CellParsing as well as PasteValuesToDataGridView
  • optimising event subscription, do not refresh if event is triggered by the view itself
16:01 Changeset [10582] by mleitner

Setup ComparisionFilter

15:53 Changeset [10581] by tsteinre
  • removed index workaround in PreprocessingData Undo-Feature event handling.
15:30 Changeset [10580] by tsteinre
  • Added transaction support for DataPreprocessing (Undo Feature)
15:23 Changeset [10579] by mkommend

#1997: Merged trunk changes into data analysis island algorithms branch and fixed bugs in the evaluators.

15:09 Changeset [10578] by mkommend

#2166: Adapted GP data analysis test to include the verification of the validation solution.

14:40 Changeset [10577] by abeham


  • Fixed drag-drop behavior in VariableStoreView
  • Added additional information to Script and changed setting name and description
14:39 Changeset [10576] by mkommend

#2166: Removed all calls to AsParallel in the symbolic data analysis analyzers.

14:37 Changeset [10575] by abeham

#2167: added check for invokerequired

14:35 Ticket #2167 (Illegal cross-thread exception in MainForm when removing progress ...) created by abeham
A check for InvokeRequired is missing in …
14:27 Ticket #2166 (SymbolicDataAnalysisAnalyzer must not use AsParallel for parallel execution) created by mkommend
AsParallel does not preserve to order of the enumerable …
14:24 Changeset [10574] by mleitner
13:41 Changeset [10573] by sbreuer
  • refresh LineChartView when PreprocessingData changes
12:47 Changeset [10572] by rstoll
  • accidentally test committed - reverted
12:33 Changeset [10571] by sbreuer
  • Update DataGrid on changes in preprocessingData


16:33 Ticket #2150 (The behavior of the ScopeTreeLookupParameter should be configurable) closed by mkommend
rejected: The description of the behavior of the ScopeTreeLookupParameter is …
15:41 Changeset [10570] by mkommend

#1998: Adde missing value handling in new implementation of OneR.

15:16 Changeset [10569] by mkommend

#1998: Reimplemented OneR classification algorithm.


14:43 Changeset [10568] by mkommend

#1998: Code cleanup in ZeroR classification algorithm.


16:38 Changeset [10567] by abeham

#2165: Imported branch of adding python scripting support through IronPython

16:32 Ticket #2165 (Add python as scripting language) created by abeham
IronPython allows an integration of Python and .Net.
16:31 Changeset [10566] by abeham


  • Made Variables class public (could be used in other scripts as well)
  • Renamed ItemName to "C# Script"
16:23 Changeset [10565] by mkommend

#2076: Simplified the API of the tree layout engines.


22:58 Changeset [10564] by bburlacu

#2076: Forgot to commit changes to the InteractiveSymbolicDataAnalysisSolutionSimplifierView for repainting node impacts after the InteractiveSymbolicExpressionTreeChart gets repainted.

16:30 Changeset [10563] by bburlacu

#2164: Fixed storable and cloning constructor access level (from private to protected).

15:55 Changeset [10562] by bburlacu

#2164: Committed initial version of the tree matching functionality.

15:53 Ticket #2164 (Tree matching functionality for symbolic expression trees) created by bburlacu
A useful feature to have would be the possibility to compare and …
15:07 Changeset [10561] by bburlacu

#2076: Updated the way the layout is used in the SymbolicExpressionTreeChart; updated simplifier view accordingly.

11:12 Changeset [10560] by mkommend

#1998: Fixed bugs in classification solution comparison view.

10:38 Changeset [10559] by pfleck
  • moved preprocessing starter to view assembly


23:11 Changeset [10558] by pfleck
  • removed unnecessary references and using
  • added missing license header
  • formatted code according to HL standards
22:08 Changeset [10557] by pfleck
  • moved all views into views-assembly
17:36 Changeset [10556] by mkommend

#1998: Updated classification model comparison branch with trunk changes (remaining changes).

17:33 Changeset [10555] by pfleck
  • signed views assembly and fixed .net version number
17:31 Changeset [10554] by pfleck
  • removed resx reference
  • improved variable values copying
17:30 Changeset [10553] by mkommend

#1998: Updated classification model comparision branch with trunk changes.

17:27 Changeset [10552] by aesterer

Revised line chart and added histogram

17:27 Changeset [10551] by rstoll

Event registration implemented for statistics view

17:14 Changeset [10550] by tsteinre

implemented Undo-feature of PreprocessingData

16:39 Changeset [10549] by psteiner

Added Views and Classes for Filtering

16:18 Changeset [10548] by pfleck
  • implemented PreprocessingData cloning constructor.
16:06 Changeset [10547] by tsteinre
  • started work on undo-feature of PreprocessingData
16:00 Changeset [10546] by aesterer

Created PreprocessingDataTableView

15:51 Changeset [10545] by mkommend

#1758: Added icons to simplifier buttons (simplify, optimize).

15:43 Changeset [10544] by sbreuer
  • created changed event in preprocessing data
  • register to event in line chart
15:25 Changeset [10543] by mkommend

#1758: Corrected plugin dependencies in views plugins.

15:20 Changeset [10542] by pfleck
  • created new assembly for DataPreprocessing views
15:14 Changeset [10541] by mkommend

#1758: Updated button tooltips.

15:08 Changeset [10540] by mkommend

#1758: Reimplemented functionality to load new problem data to data analysis solution and redesigned the according views.

  • Added setter for the target variable of regression and classification problem data.
  • Added functionality to check the compatibility of problem data.
  • Added functionality to adjust the properties of a problem data.
  • Added flowLayoutPanel with according buttons for loading a new problem data, simplifying and exporting data analysis solutions.
  • TradingProblemData currently throws a NotSupportedException when the properties should be adjusted.
14:48 Changeset [10539] by rstoll

Added License notice

14:48 Changeset [10538] by pfleck
  • merged trunk
14:11 Changeset [10537] by rstoll
  • Delete samples without sufficient information or variance implemented in TransformationLogic
13:46 Changeset [10536] by pfleck
  • Removed cloning of ProblemData. Instead the new ProblemData is instanciated based on the old type.
13:43 Changeset [10535] by rstoll
  • Renamed reOrderToIndices to ReOrderToIndices
13:28 Changeset [10534] by rstoll
  • StatisticsView column specific information added
13:10 Changeset [10533] by sbreuer
  • call OnContentChanged after every action in context menu
12:21 Changeset [10532] by sbreuer
  • changed variableName to columnIndex
10:51 Changeset [10531] by bburlacu

#2076: SymbolicExpressionTreeChart: initialize layout when the tree node is changed, not when the tree draw method is called.


11:36 Ticket #1575 (Graphical view for random forest models) closed by gkronber
rejected: This is not really feasible.
11:31 Ticket #2125 (All covariance functions return the full gradient vector even when ...) closed by gkronber
done: r10530: merged r10489:10491 and r10493 from trunk into stable
11:30 Changeset [10530] by gkronber

#2125: merged r10489:10491 and r10493 from trunk into stable

11:29 Ticket #1971 (Adding and removing multiple items in the ItemCollectionView<T> takes ...) closed by gkronber
11:28 Changeset [10529] by gkronber

#1971: merged r9613 and r10495 from trunk into stable.

11:27 Ticket #2124 (Spectral Mixture Kernel) closed by gkronber
done: r10528: merged r10480 from trunk into stable
11:27 Changeset [10528] by gkronber

#2124: merged r10480 from trunk into stable

11:24 Ticket #2157 (Incorrect naming for y-axis in the error characteristic view for ...) closed by gkronber
done: r10527: merged r10500 from trunk to stable.
11:24 Changeset [10527] by gkronber

#2157: merged r10500 from trunk to stable.

10:16 Ticket #2163 (Implement Artificial Permutation Instances (API)) created by abeham
Artificial permutation instances are landscapes in the space of …
09:58 Ticket #2162 (Implement the Linear Ordering Problem) created by abeham
The Linear Ordering Problem (LOP) consists of finding a simultaneous …
09:53 Ticket #2161 (Implement the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem) created by abeham
In the flow shop the assignment of each operation to each machine is …


13:56 Changeset [10526] by mkommend

#2160: Corrected create ensemble menu item to clone the selected data analysis solutions.

13:51 Ticket #2160 (CreateEnsembleMenuItem doesn't clone the selected DataAnalysisSolutions) created by mkommend
The menu item creates an ensemble model based on the currently …
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