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22:17 EvoSoft edited by swagner
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12:40 Changeset [10446] by mkommend

Added material for HL tutorial at APCASE 2014.

11:44 Changeset [10445] by mkommend

changed screenshot in bubble chart (fancy colors!)
added a slide with screenshot for Chart aggregation (RunCollectionView)

11:01 Changeset [10444] by mkommend

added a slide for the new scripting environment

10:53 Changeset [10443] by mkommend

updated algorithms and problems slide for APCASE2014

10:05 Changeset [10442] by mkommend

copied experiment files and hl tutorial slides

09:50 Changeset [10441] by gkronber

#2134 reverse merge of r10439 (remove from stable branch because of functional dependency on #2119)

09:47 Changeset [10440] by gkronber

#2137: fixed a bug in the calculation of noise in the feasture selection problem instances for symbolic regression

09:32 Ticket #2134 (AverageRelativeErrorEvaluator for Symbolic Regression) closed by gkronber
done: r10439: merged r10355 and r10432 from trunk to stable
09:32 Changeset [10439] by gkronber

#2134: merged r10355 and r10432 from trunk to stable

09:30 Ticket #2133 (Calculation of mower position for Frog is implemented incorrectly ...) closed by gkronber
done: r10438: merged r10323 from trunk into stable
09:30 Changeset [10438] by gkronber

#2133 merged r10323 from trunk into stable


19:28 Changeset [10437] by gkronber

#2026 implemented epsilon-greedy search policy

19:12 Changeset [10436] by gkronber

#2026 implemented softmax strategy for tree exploration

16:21 Changeset [10435] by pfleck


  • Removed generic argument of VRPInstanceProvider.
  • Removed specific IProblemInstanceConsumer interfaces.
  • Added dynamic lookup of compatible interpreter.
16:13 Ticket #2152 (The extensibility of the VRPProblem should be improved for creating ...) created by pfleck
In order to implement a new VRP problem instance you have to extend …
14:14 Ticket #2151 (Scatter plot view for visualizing n-dimensional data points) created by abeham
Currently, there is a ScatterPlot which contains Point2D<double> that …
12:45 Ticket #2150 (The behavior of the ScopeTreeLookupParameter should be configurable) created by mkommend
Currently the ScopeTreeLookupParameter throws an exception if not all …


16:55 Changeset [10434] by bburlacu

#2076: Merged trunk changes

16:28 Ticket #2149 (ViewHost shall stop displaying views after a certain nesting level) created by abeham
The nesting level should be found regarding the Windows 8 BSOD crashes.


17:34 Changeset [10433] by abeham


  • Fixed tab order in JobView and TaskView
  • Added additional events and registriations to account for changes to the jobs and tasks
17:20 Changeset [10432] by mkommend

#2134: Implemented review comments for the mean relative error evaluator.

13:50 Ticket #2148 (Hibernating a running algorithm results in lengthened execution times) created by abeham
If the algorithm is not paused before hibernation, the execution time …


15:04 Changeset [10431] by gkronber

Added deceptive max problem.

11:41 Ticket #2147 (Add lower priorities for Hive Jobs) created by mkommend
It would be beneficial to have lower priorities for Hive jobs as the …
08:53 Changeset [10430] by gkronber

#2026 changed constants in MCTS


23:29 Changeset [10429] by bburlacu

#1837: Merged trunk changes.

23:03 Changeset [10428] by bburlacu

#2143: Reset the pruned subtrees/trees counters to zero on reinitialization.

19:30 Changeset [10427] by gkronber

#2026 integrated max depth into MCTS solver

17:10 Changeset [10426] by gkronber

#2026 generate code for all solvers

16:37 Changeset [10425] by gkronber

#2026 support for max depth in brute force solver

16:17 Changeset [10424] by gkronber

#2026 maximal depth limit for random search

15:02 Changeset [10423] by gkronber

#2026 updated examples

14:34 Changeset [10422] by gkronber

#1967 added Cholesky decomposition for Toeplitz matrices to allow sampling from one-dimensional Gaussian processes

14:23 Changeset [10421] by mkommend

#1997: Corrected rounding mistake in island evaluators.

13:07 Changeset [10420] by bburlacu

#1837: Removed auto-generated files from repository.

12:32 Changeset [10419] by bburlacu

#1837: Removed resource file from the HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views project.


19:49 Changeset [10418] by bburlacu

#2143: Added license header to SymbolicClassificationPruningAnalyzer.cs

19:37 Changeset [10417] by bburlacu

#2143: SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionPruningOperator: changed cloning constructor accessibility to protected. Added storable constructor.

19:25 Changeset [10416] by ascheibe

#1886 adapted branch to changes of #2119

19:23 Changeset [10415] by gkronber

#2026 implemented prevention of resampling of known nodes.

19:18 Changeset [10414] by bburlacu

#2143: Modified the pruning operator and analyzer to use the FitnessCalculationPartition for impact and replacement values calculation, instead of the whole training data partition.

19:12 Changeset [10413] by bburlacu

#1837: Modified the SlidingWindowBestSolutionsCollection to use a dictionary for sliding window positions mapped to best solutions, because the last sliding window position before the algorithm reached its stop was not registered correctly.

17:09 Changeset [10412] by gkronber

#2026 also support C++-style comments

17:00 Changeset [10411] by gkronber

#2026 refactoring

16:26 Changeset [10410] by gkronber

#2026 removed commented code

16:25 Changeset [10409] by gkronber

#2026 prepare for inclusion of terminals into the search tree

15:09 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator edited by pfleck
14:54 7-CVRP_result.png attached to Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator by pfleck
14:53 6-PRP_result.png attached to Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator by pfleck
14:50 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator edited by pfleck
14:16 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator edited by pfleck
14:08 5-TourInsertion.png attached to Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator by pfleck
14:08 4-PRP_EvaluatorEvaluationInfo_Hierarchy.png attached to Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator by pfleck
14:08 3-PRP_EvaluatorEvaluationInfo.png attached to Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator by pfleck
14:08 2-InsertionInfoSample.png attached to Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator by pfleck
14:07 1-PRP_EvaluatorEvaluation.png attached to Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator by pfleck
13:47 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator edited by pfleck
13:37 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator created by pfleck
11:46 Changeset [10408] by gkronber

#2026 worked on MCTS solver

11:38 Changeset [10407] by abeham

Fixed bug in sample proportional without repetition

11:20 Ticket #2146 (Bug in SampleProportionalWithoutRepetition extension method) created by abeham
The index variable is incremented twice in each iteration
11:03 Changeset [10406] by mkommend

#2145: Adapted type checks in the Dataset ctors.

10:55 Changeset [10405] by mkommend

#2135: Changed exception message in PercentValue.

10:52 Changeset [10404] by mkommend

#1997: Added null checks for data migration interval in the symbolic island evaluators.


20:11 Changeset [10403] by bburlacu

#1837: Added SlidingWindowQualitiesAnalyzer.

17:14 Ticket #2145 (The dataset constructor type check is too restrictive) created by mkommend
In the Dataset ctor it is explicitly checked if the passed values are …
14:14 Changeset [10402] by bburlacu

#1837: Added missing license information headers. Added storable constructors and changed properties in SlidingWindowBestSolutionsCollection to return IEnumerables instead of Lists.

14:13 Changeset [10401] by jkarder


  • renamed some HLScript files
  • fixed a bug where variables could be renamed while a script was running
  • the complete source code is now always visible
  • removed "show generated code" feature


14:37 Changeset [10400] by gkronber

#2026 worked on MCTS solver

12:50 Changeset [10399] by gkronber

#2026 performance improvement for the second symbolic regression example

03:59 Changeset [10398] by bburlacu

#1837: Added private members with the [Storable] attribute for the SlidingWindowBestSolutionsCollection ProblemData and Interpreter properties. Added item attributes to SlidingWindowBestSolutionsCollection.

03:19 Changeset [10397] by bburlacu

#1837: Fixed PreBuildEvent.cmd.

01:42 Changeset [10396] by bburlacu

#1837: Introduced the SlidingWindowBestSolutionsCollectionView which shows how well each individual sliding window solution performs on the other portions of the training data.


23:20 Changeset [10395] by gkronber

#2026 performance improvement for symbolic regression example


20:07 Changeset [10394] by gkronber

#2026 fixed a bug in generation of terminal nodes

19:44 Changeset [10393] by gkronber

#2026 fixed a bug in the brute force solver

17:54 Changeset [10392] by gkronber

#2026 implemented brute force searcher

12:43 Changeset [10391] by abeham

#2136: fixed build configuration, output path and added ignore properties


14:27 Ticket #2144 (Interpreter Evaluation Tests could fail if VS2013 is installed) created by mkommend
Currently the interpreter evaluation tests check if a tree that …
11:09 Changeset [10390] by mkommend

#1997: Merged recent trunk changes (pruning operators) into the branch.

11:03 Changeset [10389] by mkommend

#1997: Corrected API of island offspring selection algorithm (some properties were not accessible).

09:20 Changeset [10388] by gkronber

#2026 worked on code generator for brute force solver


21:05 Changeset [10387] by gkronber

#2025 reintegrated initialization of terminal values into the random search solver.

19:27 Changeset [10386] by gkronber

#2026 refactoring

18:22 Changeset [10385] by gkronber

#2026 removed commented code and improved layout

18:09 Changeset [10384] by gkronber

#2026 fixed random search code generation

16:53 Changeset [10383] by pfleck
  • Added ProblemDataCreator for instancing a new DataAnalysisProblemData with changed Dataset etc.
  • Added export functionality to PreprocessingContext. (cloned Algorithm or Problem)
  • Commented out code in StatisticsLogic which breaks the build. :(
16:32 Changeset [10382] by aesterer

Added variable selection in line chart

16:13 Changeset [10381] by mleitner

Add Media, Average, Variance, and StdDeviation support for DateTime

16:08 Changeset [10380] by sbreuer
  • context menu for replacing values by average, median, ...
16:06 Changeset [10379] by mkommend

#1837: Remaining changes from partial commit r10364 to integrate the trunk changes.

16:02 Changeset [10378] by bburlacu

#2143: Added storable constructors.

15:56 Changeset [10377] by aesterer

Added line chart and basic logic for line chart

15:41 Ticket #2142 (Values properties in BidirectionalLookup are confusing) closed by abeham
done: r10376: merged to stable
15:40 Changeset [10376] by abeham

#2142: merged to stable

15:40 Changeset [10375] by bburlacu

#2143: Fixed incorrect accessibility levels of constructors for the pruning analyzers.

15:31 Changeset [10374] by rstoll
  • StatisticsView values added
15:00 Changeset [10373] by bburlacu

#1837: Merged trunk changes.

14:45 Changeset [10372] by rstoll

Forgot to adjust instantiation of StatisticsContent in DataPreprocessingView (removed DataGridLogic before)

14:43 Changeset [10371] by rstoll

Forgot to add GetColumnTypeAsString

14:38 Changeset [10370] by rstoll

Removed DataGridLogic from StatisticsView

14:33 Changeset [10369] by rstoll
  • Renamed PreprocessingDataManipulation to ManipulationLogic
  • Proceeded with StatisticsView
14:20 Changeset [10368] by bburlacu

#2143: Implemented symbolic data analysis pruning operator and analyzers.

14:16 Ticket #2143 (Pruning of introns/negative impact nodes in symbolic data analysis ...) created by bburlacu
An operator/analyzer should be implemented that calculates the impacts …
14:13 Changeset [10367] by rstoll
  • modified PreprocessingData, uses columnIndex now instead of variableName (is faster and more convenient), set variabelName based methods to Obsolete
  • Already changed SearchLogic, DataGridLogic, StatisticLogic as well as PreprocessingDataManipulation


13:46 Changeset [10366] by abeham

#2042: Also renamed properties of BidirectionalDictionary so that the two have similar names for similar things

13:38 Changeset [10365] by abeham

#2142: Removed (First|Second)Values property and added (First|Second)Keys property. To obtain the values there exists a separate property anyway.

13:33 Ticket #2142 (Values properties in BidirectionalLookup are confusing) created by abeham
11:27 Changeset [10364] by mkommend

#1837: Merged trunk changes.

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