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21:52 Changeset [10062] by gkronber

#2026 worked on brute force code generator, removed unused references, worked on compatibility with mono.

16:39 Changeset [10061] by gkronber

#2026 copied examples from the GPDL problem instance provider plugin

16:34 Changeset [10060] by ascheibe


  • added point calculation from distance matrices
  • added convex hull algorithm based on LP (work in progress)
  • added unit tests
16:00 Documentation/Reference/GPDL edited by gkronber
updated links (diff)
15:56 Changeset [10059] by gkronber

#2026 fixed references in HL specific GPDL plugin (backend), set svn:ignore

15:51 Changeset [10058] by gkronber

#2026 changed build target directories

15:45 Changeset [10057] by gkronber

#2026 moved a test class into the HL specific GPDL branch

15:41 Changeset [10056] by gkronber

#2026 reverted unintentional delete of r10055

15:35 Changeset [10055] by gkronber

#2026 moved HL specific plugins for the GPDL backend into a separate branch folder

15:32 Changeset [10054] by gkronber

#2026 removed backend projects from the core compiler solution

15:27 Changeset [10053] by gkronber

#2026 created a separate branch folder for HL specific files for GPDL

15:21 Changeset [10052] by gkronber

#2026 set svn:ignore properties

15:19 Changeset [10051] by gkronber

#2026 worked on a plugin for grammars (work-in-progress)

15:17 Changeset [10050] by gkronber

#2026 removed svn:ignore properties

15:15 Changeset [10049] by gkronber

#2026 created a separate plugin for the classes for the GPDL code generation backend. To remove references to HL code from the core compiler code.

14:18 Changeset [10048] by ascheibe

#2069 center BattleRunner dialog

14:01 Changeset [10047] by ascheibe

#2069 don't use architecture operators as the Robocode problem does not support ADFs

13:01 Documentation/Reference/GPDL edited by gkronber
included reference to ticket number (diff)
12:07 Changeset [10046] by ascheibe

#2069 simplified Interpret methods of symbols

10:14 Changeset [10045] by ascheibe

#2069 fixed a bug in the BattleRunner


16:25 Changeset [10044] by ascheibe


  • incremented version number
  • fixed a bug in ShotPower
  • updated BattleRunner docu
15:47 Changeset [10043] by ascheibe


  • use groups for defining allowed child symbols in grammar
  • split functions group into functions and actions in grammar
  • moved run symbol to event group in grammar
  • fixed a bug in the ifthenelse symbol
  • enemy collection now marks one enemy per default


16:11 Changeset [10042] by jkarder

#2116: added prototype of a breadcrumb navigation

10:23 HeuristicLab attached to Download by ascheibe


09:53 Changeset [10041] by jkarder

#2116: created branch

09:49 Changeset [10040] by ascheibe

#2115 updated tutorial slides to include the new HL publication

09:41 Ticket #2116 (Implement a breadcrumb navigation for view hosts) created by jkarder
If too many nested views are created, the following exception is …


21:41 Changeset [10039] by sawinkle


  • Renamed GEEvaluator.cs to GEArtificialAntEvaluator.cs, because a further Evaluator for the Symbolic Regression problem (single objective) is planned to be implemented.
  • Excluded the mapping process from GEArtificialAntEvaluator.cs and created several separated mapper classes. Created stubs for breath-first, depth-first, random and PIGE mappers. These mapper implementations should later be easily usable together with different problems. The mapper can be selected in the GUI, via a Problem parameter. The depth-first mapper is already usable, the others still cause exceptions.
17:22 Blog: HeuristicLab 3.3.9 Release created by swagner
17:09 HL Download 3.3.9.png attached to Pictures by swagner
17:03 Ticket #2115 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.10) created by swagner
New Features: * Scripting environment for rapid-prototyping (C# …
16:59 Milestone HeuristicLab 3.3.9 completed
== HeuristicLab 3.3.9 - October 11th, 2013 == * …
16:55 Ticket #2049 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.9) closed by swagner
16:53 Changeset [10038] by swagner

#2049: Updated tutorial slides

16:45 Changeset [10037] by swagner

#2049: Merged updates of versions and samples (r10032:r10033) back into trunk.

16:42 ChangeLog edited by swagner
16:41 ChangeLogPending edited by swagner
16:38 Download edited by swagner
16:22 Changeset [10036] by ascheibe

#2049 corrected version of CustomPostBuild command

16:18 Changeset [10035] by swagner

#2049: Updated target path of post build command template

16:09 Changeset [10034] by swagner

#2049: Created HeuristicLab 3.3.9 release tag

16:07 Changeset [10033] by swagner

#2049: Updated samples

16:00 Changeset [10032] by swagner

#2049: Incremented versions


09:23 Changeset [10031] by gkronber

#2026: worked on plugin for grammars and made some changes for compatibility with the latest stable version of HL


12:21 Ticket #2114 (Hive Slave crashes if a thread in an AppDomain throws an exception) created by ascheibe
The CLR kills the application if a thread throws an user-unhandeled …
11:41 Ticket #2101 (Several incorrect names/descriptions in class NeuralNetworkClassification) closed by gkronber
done: r10030: merged r9919 from trunk to stable
11:41 Changeset [10030] by gkronber

#2101 merged r9919 from trunk to stable


21:04 Changeset [10029] by sawinkle

#2109: added additional documentation and refactored code of GEEvaluator.cs

08:49 Changeset [10028] by jkarder


  • merged IfStat and ElseStat into IfThenElseStat
  • changed the font of the suffixCode text box in the CodeNodeView


17:24 Blog: Gaussian Processes for Regression and Classification edited by gkronber
16:59 GP model.png attached to Blog: Gaussian Processes for Regression and Classification by gkronber
16:59 GP hyperparams.png attached to Blog: Gaussian Processes for Regression and Classification by gkronber
16:59 GP likelihood.png attached to Blog: Gaussian Processes for Regression and Classification by gkronber
16:40 GP learning.png attached to Blog: Gaussian Processes for Regression and Classification by gkronber
16:40 GP samples II.png attached to Blog: Gaussian Processes for Regression and Classification by gkronber
16:40 GP samples I.png attached to Blog: Gaussian Processes for Regression and Classification by gkronber
16:40 Blog: Gaussian Processes for Regression and Classification created by gkronber
Initial version without images


22:00 Changeset [10027] by ascheibe

#1886 adapted convex hull view to work with real vectors and permutations

17:24 Changeset [10026] by ascheibe


  • removed old caching code
  • adapted convex hull view and some other minor improvements
15:21 Changeset [10025] by ascheibe

#1886 added support for permutation encoding for solution caching

11:20 Changeset [10024] by ascheibe

#1886 added views project for solution caching

09:50 Changeset [10023] by ascheibe


  • moved solution caching to an own plugin
  • added initial support for real vector encoding


22:47 Changeset [10022] by sawinkle


  • simplified GEArtificialAntProblem and removed some unused code (e.g. parameter MaximumExpressionDepth is not necessary for an IntegerVector)
  • extended GEEvaluator to perform a complete, recursive Genotype-To-Phenotype mapping (depth-first approach); currently no "wrapping" of the integer vector is possible; a full tree with the maximum possible nodes filled in is generated, dependent on the integer vector; the Interpreter, Analysers and other classes get reused
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.