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21:14 Changeset [9656] by ascheibe

#2030 updated the web.config of services with the new tcp binding

20:22 Changeset [9655] by ascheibe

#2030 merged trunk into hive performance branch

14:11 Changeset [9654] by spimming


  • Added model and view for contact information
  • Insert contact information on SaveOrder page
  • Set correct entity state
14:04 Changeset [9653] by spimming


  • Set flag to indicate a modified model object
  • Add dao query method to specify includes as parameter
  • cleaned up the using of namespaces to qualify types
13:32 Changeset [9652] by sforsten

#2047: TableFileParser can now handle white spaces (currently the character '\0' symbolizes white spaces in the TableFileParser)


23:01 Ticket #2070 (TableFilesParser does not parse correctly) closed by mkommend
done: r9651: Merged r9608, r9610, r9611, r9623, and r9624 in the stable branch.
23:00 Changeset [9651] by mkommend

#2070: Merged r9608, r9610, r9611, r9623, and r9624 in the stable branch.


18:15 Ticket #2077 (Update SharpDevelop to latest version (4.3)) created by gkronber
11:23 Changeset [9650] by bburlacu

#2076: Created branch and committed first version of the implementation.

11:22 Ticket #2076 (The Reingold-Tilford tree layout algorithm for HeuristicLab) created by bburlacu
I implemented the layout algorithm described in the paper of Buchheim, …


21:04 Changeset [9649] by gkronber

#1270 fixed compile errors in Smalltalk and GraphViz formatters

20:51 Changeset [9648] by gkronber

#1270: copied GraphViz formatter from branch

20:49 Changeset [9647] by gkronber

#1270 copied smalltalk formatter from branch

20:37 Ticket #1501 (`RunCollectionBubbleChartView` crashes when a run is added during a ...) closed by gkronber
16:09 Ticket #2075 (ValueTypeArrays should provide element names similar to row names for ...) created by mkommend
Note: The StringArray class must also be adapted accordingly.
11:09 Ticket #2074 (Exception when trying to import a CSV file with many columns into the ...) created by gkronber
11:08 Ticket #2073 (One-vs-one approach for multi-class classification) created by gkronber
This should be implemented transparently. Using a wrapper similar to …
10:50 Ticket #2072 (TableFileParser is very slow for CSV files with many columns) created by gkronber


15:29 Changeset [9646] by pfleck

Changed year in headers from 2012 to 2013.
Minor reformattings in chart helpers.
Refactored and simplified some statistics generator methods.

15:25 Changeset [9645] by spimming


  • Model classes implement new interface to track current state of entity
  • Mark EntityState property as 'not mapped'
  • Set hook to initialize entity as unchanged
  • Extension method for DbContext to apply changes only on modified entity
12:50 Changeset [9644] by pfleck

Fixed timezone bug in chart data.
Fixed zooming bug in jqplot dateAxisRenderer.


17:24 Changeset [9643] by pfleck

Added time selection for charts.
Implemented redrawing of charts using Ajax.

16:30 Changeset [9642] by melkaref

#2069 - Changed back the Grammar back to require OnScannedRobot event

11:39 Changeset [9641] by spimming


  • Users now contain ContactInformation
  • Fixed formatting in invoice template
  • Fixed calculation for next invoice date
  • Worked on indentation for invoice fields


16:50 Changeset [9640] by mkommend

#1734: Updated save file dialog and ColumnGroupView in the data importer.

16:36 Changeset [9639] by pfleck

Added publish script for Hive service.

16:28 Changeset [9638] by pfleck

Changed endpoint addresses to and adjust certificate values.

14:59 Changeset [9637] by pfleck

In HiveServiceLocator: added public properties for endpointRetries and workingEndpoint.
Changed Config default settings.
Changed wshttp encoding to text for backwards compatibility.

14:05 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by pfleck
Replaced old Hive Server Setup Wiki page with the new one after … (diff)
13:47 Changeset [9636] by pfleck

Added changes as suggested from server review by ascheibe.

11:51 Changeset [9635] by pfleck

Restructured and simplified GetTaskByIdAndLastStateLogSlaveIdQuery.
Sorted StateLogs in GetLightweightTasksQuery.

10:51 Changeset [9634] by pfleck

Updated license year in headers and AssemblyInfo.
Removed empty regions in OptimizedHiveDao and IOptimizedHiveDao.
The ServiceLocator handles creation of the OptimizedHiveDao different to make the OptimizedHiveDao available for non-service operation calls:

  • if the ServiceLocator is called _within_ a service operation, the same DB-context is used for the whole service operation, and therefore is stored in the service operation context.
  • if the ServiceLocator is called _outside_ a service operation, a new DB-context is created on each ServiceLocator call.


11:23 Ticket #2065 (Neural network covariance function does not work correctly in ...) closed by gkronber
11:22 Changeset [9633] by gkronber

#2065: merged r9542 from trunk to stable

11:21 Ticket #2059 (Piece-wise polynomial covariance function) closed by gkronber
11:20 Changeset [9632] by gkronber

#2059: merged revisions r9534, r9536:9537 r9543 from trunk into the stable branch


23:23 Changeset [9631] by ascheibe

#2069 tanks should only be required to implement run, the other methods should be optional

11:03 Changeset [9630] by ascheibe

#2069 fixed cloning constructors and formatting

10:50 Changeset [9629] by mkommend

#1734: Updated ColumnGroupView.

10:24 Changeset [9628] by pfleck

Added zooming in charts.
Used memory is displayed in GB.


20:54 Changeset [9627] by mkommend

#1734: Improved data importer usability:

  • new closing message
  • rename column reacts on lost focus
  • updated copyright info
19:45 Changeset [9626] by mkommend

#1730: Implemented new features for the excel export:

  • The menu item is enabled if any view containing a symreg solution is displayed.
  • Classifications are not longer supported.
  • Export is performed asynchronously.
  • Inputs are sorted in the same order if a dataset is passed.
17:50 Changeset [9625] by pfleck

Insert charts on index page for CPU utilization, cores and memory usage.
Added html helper for generating chart javascript.
Added ChartDataController for generating JSON data for the charts.

13:34 Changeset [9624] by mkommend

#2070: Corrected changes made in r9623 to DataAnalysisImportTypeDialog designer file.

13:02 Changeset [9623] by mkommend

#2070: Corrected anchors of error textbox in DataAnalysisImportDialog.

12:22 Ticket #2071 (Refactor TableFileParser) created by abeham
Currently, the table file parser uses a heuristic to determine the …
11:20 Changeset [9622] by gkronber

#1967: fixed generation of GPR problem instances (sampling from Gaussian processes) to work together with the current trunk version

10:58 Ticket #2067 (Relative error is calculated incorrectly in the ...) closed by mkommend
done: r9621: Merged r9568 in the stable branch.
10:57 Changeset [9621] by mkommend

#2067: Merged r9568 in the stable branch.

08:49 Ticket #2032 (Polynomial covariance function) closed by gkronber
08:41 Changeset [9620] by gkronber

#2032: merged r9515:9516 and r9535 to stable branch


16:34 Changeset [9619] by spimming


  • Added new BillingService methods
  • Disabled proxy generation and lazy loading!
  • Extended see method with additional test data
  • Added properties to order and invoice model
  • initial commit of BillingEngine module
15:16 Changeset [9618] by mkommend

#2038: Updated Samples.

15:10 Changeset [9617] by pfleck

Started integrating Hive statistics into statistics web project.
Added jqPlot library for charting.

15:02 Changeset [9616] by ascheibe

#2030 merged trunk into hive performance branch

14:04 Ticket #1634 (Command for data importer to calculate a time series of percental ...) closed by mkommend
14:03 Ticket #1471 (Functionality for preprocessing of large datasets as preparation for ...) closed by mkommend
13:54 Changeset [9615] by mkommend

#1734: Updated copyright information in all DataImporter classes.

13:32 Changeset [9614] by mkommend

#1734: Added StorableConstructor to all storable DataImporter classes.

13:30 Ticket #2068 (New columns are inserted in the wrong position) closed by mkommend
13:15 Changeset [9613] by mkommend

#1971: Adapted ItemCollectionView and RunCollectionView to use batch events if the content supports them.

13:05 Changeset [9612] by ascheibe


  • fixed error handling for external program calls
  • added missing StorableClass attribute
11:41 Changeset [9611] by mkommend

#2070: Removed flag NumberStyles.AllowTrailingSign in the TableFileParser.

08:33 Changeset [9610] by sforsten

#2070: corrected resource instance provider

05:29 Changeset [9609] by melkaref


  • Added EmptyEvent.cs
  • Modified Grammar.cs to allow EmptyEvent as a child in place of all Event Methods except for Run and OnScannedEvent


21:41 Changeset [9608] by sforsten


  • changed parse methods in TableFileParser to accept a bool which defines, if the first line contains variable names
  • added methods in TableFileParser to check if the first line contains variable names
  • adapted unit tests
  • adapted DataAnalysisImportTypeDialog so that a checkbox can be set to define if the first line contains variable names
  • added the flag NumberStyles.AllowTrailingSign for parsing doubles
17:00 Ticket #2070 (TableFilesParser does not parse correctly) created by sforsten
TableFilesParser does not parse doubles with the exponential format …
16:37 Changeset [9607] by sforsten

#1730: added cell formatting

13:54 Changeset [9606] by sforsten

#1980: forgot to delete a file

13:32 Changeset [9605] by sforsten


  • set plugin dependencies
  • added smart initialization
  • added hierarchical selection
  • fixed major and minor default rule
  • fixed several smaller bugs
  • some refactoring has been done
10:40 Changeset [9604] by pfleck

Set up basic webpage layout based on WebApplication branch.
Added Asp.Net MVC packages and some helper packages.
Implemented login.


17:38 Changeset [9603] by ascheibe

#2069 fixed object disposed exception in CodeNodeView that occurred when switching the viewhost

16:32 Changeset [9602] by spimming


  • Workaround for enums in model classes
  • Implemented dao methods for model
  • Added test data in db seed method
  • changed EF configuration
  • Implemented some BL methods
15:48 Changeset [9601] by ascheibe


  • fixed cloning in Solution so that the SolutionCodeView can run a battle
  • fixed a compiler warning in CodeNodeView
15:41 Ticket #2069 (Implement GP problem for code generation) created by ascheibe
This works at the moment for RoboCode but should be generalized in the …
13:45 Changeset [9600] by sforsten

#1730: added "ABS" again in the calculation of the relative error which was removed in r9585. If the target is negative, the absolute value prevents that the formula would result in a negative relative error.

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.