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18:24 Changeset [9441] by abeham

#2016: Changed the LogTransform for transparency to a steeper curve

17:51 Changeset [9440] by jhelm

#1966: Implemented new encoding (MultiComponentVector/MCV); Implemented move-operators for MCV and GV encodings; Implemented new decoding-methods for PS, GV and MCV encodings (ExtremePoint-based packing);

17:10 Changeset [9439] by abeham

#1423: Changed the way analyzers work for LM-BFGS

16:18 Changeset [9438] by abeham

#1985: pulling TimeLimitRun optimizer from trunk again

16:14 Changeset [9437] by abeham

#1836: pulled SA 3.4 from trunk


23:20 Changeset [9436] by ascheibe

#1950 removed IsAllowedPrivileged property from RefreshableJob as it's not needed anymore

16:46 Changeset [9435] by mkommend

#2016: Added patch from sforsten, that improves the BubbleChart- and BoxPlotView.

13:47 Changeset [9434] by pfleck

Added SelfHost-Project
Renamed HiveDtoDao back to HiveDao and renamed the optimized HiveDao into OptimizedDao instead.
Optimized AddTask by using compiled queries.

11:37 Changeset [9433] by mkommend

#2042: Updated ToString of StringConvertibleMatrix /-Array.

11:30 Changeset [9432] by mkommend

#2042: Changed ToString of ValueTypeMatrix and -Array to display only the first N elements until a string length of 100 is reached.

11:28 Ticket #2042 (ToString of ValueTypeMatrix and -Array slows down pasting of values in ...) created by mkommend
Currently the ToString method of ValueTypeMatrix and -Array displays …
10:08 Changeset [9431] by ascheibe

#1886 added configuration of frequency with which the ab measures are calculated


16:53 Changeset [9430] by gkronber

initial import of GPDL parser plugin

15:36 Changeset [9429] by mkommend

#2024: Added support for CancellationToken in the ParallelEngine.

15:32 Changeset [9428] by ascheibe

#2019 removed redundant db context in UpdateTaskState

15:17 Changeset [9427] by ascheibe

#2019 added LoadWith for UpdateTaskAndStateLogs

14:55 Changeset [9426] by ascheibe


  • removed useless code as suggested by abeham
  • enabled lazy loading for binary data (plugins and task data) as suggested by pfleck
14:19 Changeset [9425] by gkronber

Created a folder for a plugin that allows definition of custom GP problems

13:53 Changeset [9424] by bburlacu

#1772: Merged HeuristicLab.Selection.

13:48 Changeset [9423] by bburlacu

#1772: Implemented GeneticItem-based similarity measure. Renamed ISymbolicExpressionTreeNodeComparer to ISymbolicExpressionTreeNodeSimilarityComparer.

13:42 Changeset [9422] by mkommend

#2018: Updated StringConvertibleMatrixView branch with the latest trunk changes.

13:34 Changeset [9421] by bburlacu

#1772: Merged trunk changes for HeuristicLab.Optimization.Views.

13:21 Changeset [9420] by bburlacu

#1772: Improved the LineageExplorerView, added generation labels in the GenealogyGraphChart, added new visual component VisualGenealogyGraphTextLabel.

13:18 Changeset [9419] by bburlacu

#1772: Refactoring of directed graph components, added code for correctly serializing vertices and edges. Added specific building blocks analyzers and new population diversity analyzer which correctly integrates with the parallel engine.

13:15 Changeset [9418] by ascheibe


  • changed duplicate solutions analyzer to also track avg. diversity as the standard diversity analyzer needs too much memory
  • fixed project references of eslGA
12:49 Ticket #2041 (Add cancel button to the download bar in Hive Job Manager) created by ascheibe
Also check if it's possible to show already downloaded tasks in the UI …
12:46 Ticket #2040 (Refreshing the Hive Job Manager changes the sorting of jobs) created by ascheibe
11:27 Changeset [9417] by mkommend

#1890: Removed osbolete code in Grammars.cs in the test project.

11:26 Changeset [9416] by bburlacu

#1772: Fixed serialization of genetic fragments, added interface ISymbolicExpressionTreeNodeSimilarityComparer

10:45 Changeset [9415] by bburlacu

#1265: Added save file functionality in emf and bitmap formats.

10:23 Changeset [9414] by ascheibe

added robocode branch


21:16 Changeset [9413] by ascheibe

#2039 improved performance of TSPSimilarityCalculator

21:03 Ticket #2039 (Improve performance of the TSPSimilarityCalculator) created by ascheibe
The similarity calculator for the TSP is slow with large population …
20:35 Changeset [9412] by ascheibe

#1886 added GA with evaluated solutions as a stopping criteria

17:49 Documentation/Reference/GPDL created by gkronber
17:46 UsersUrlRedirects edited by gkronber
17:46 UsersUrlRedirects edited by gkronber
17:45 UsersUrlRedirects edited by gkronber
16:54 Changeset [9411] by sforsten


  • added multiple discretizer to GAssist
  • created ensembles for LCS problems and edited CrossValidation to use them
11:14 Changeset [9410] by jkarder

#2029: adjusted unit tests to changes in r9407

11:11 Changeset [9409] by gkronber


  • removed setting of name and description in LBFGS constructor
  • changed names of placeholder operators in LBFGS
  • added parameter for gradient checking.
10:57 Changeset [9408] by gkronber

#1423: cast solution creator to IRealVector instead of RealVector

10:54 Changeset [9407] by jkarder

#2029: applied the changes suggested by gkronber in comment:5:ticket:2029

10:54 Changeset [9406] by gkronber

#1423: throw an exception with an error message if alglib terminates LBFGS

10:53 Changeset [9405] by gkronber

#1423 added a constructor for OperatorExecutionException with a message parameter

10:36 Changeset [9404] by gkronber

#1789 added logarithmic scaling for transparency value


14:52 Changeset [9403] by mkommend

#2037: Corrected access modifiers in SymbolicExpressionGrammarBase.

14:33 Changeset [9402] by gkronber

#2037 fixed a bug in the caching for minimum tree lengths and depths in the grammar

11:36 Changeset [9401] by sforsten

#2018: renamed "column" to "element" in array types

09:22 Changeset [9400] by sforsten

#1980: branch Algorithms.DataAnalysis


17:36 Changeset [9399] by pfleck

Removed unnecessary UpdatePlugins in UpdateTask.
Optimized GetTask and GetPlugin with compiled queries.

15:46 Changeset [9398] by ascheibe

#2031 fixed a bug in the correlation view

09:20 Ticket #2038 (Reevaluation of elite individuals) created by mkommend
Currently elites are only evaluated once, which could lead to a …
09:16 Download edited by mkommend
updated sources link (diff)


19:52 Changeset [9397] by pfleck

Changed recursive Linq2Sql queries to native SQL queries.

13:55 Ticket #2037 (Grammar produces incorrect minimum expression lengths/depths) created by gkronber
Caching does not work correctly for indirectly recursive grammars.
12:42 Changeset [9396] by ascheibe

#2036 return success in the PreBuildEvent.cmd even if subwcrev is not found

12:36 Ticket #2036 (PreBuildEvent.cmd shouldn't fail when there is no subwcrev installed) created by ascheibe
mkommend has configured the builder to generate the *.cs.frame files …


13:40 Changeset [9395] by fschoepp


  • Added visual extensions (dynamic JavaScript) which will be used to render additional result parameters specific to scenarios (e. g. create a graphical representation of a TSP).
  • Added relationship between jobs and experiments (otherwise, it's not possible to get the job's experiment).
  • Updated Admin page to allow removal/addition of visual extensions.
  • Added back-end logic to store/retrieve/delete visual extensions.
  • Added visual extension functionality to the JavaScript views/controllers (job.*.js).
  • Added tsp.js which is a visual extension for the "Genetic Algorithm - TSP" scenario. It adds a graphical representation of the TSP (just like the C# version does) to the results.


18:39 Changeset [9394] by pfleck

Fixed amespace bug in ConfigFile.
Disabled OutOfCoreExeption and OutOfMemoryException for MultiSlave-testing.
Added random waiting time for HartbeatManager to start to avoid simultaneously heartbeats for MultiSlave-testing.

18:33 Changeset [9393] by pfleck

Changed Linq.Binary to byte array to avoid hash computation.
DataContext in HiveOperationContext is now lazy initialized.
Added missing HiveDao from last commit failure.

13:31 Changeset [9392] by sforsten


  • several small bug fixes
  • added windowing technique ILAS to GAssist
  • GAssist and XCS work now with real-valued features
  • severely improved the performance of XCS
10:37 Changeset [9391] by pfleck

Separated old DTO-Dao from new Dao. DTO-Dao should be replaced completely.
Heartbeat and UpdateTaskState uses new Dao.
DataContext is now closed on ServiceOperation end.


17:24 Changeset [9390] by ascheibe

#1890 fixed a bug in RefreshAutomatically where the event for receiving the results was deregistered to early

16:57 Changeset [9389] by ascheibe

#2031 reorganized statistical testing ui

15:26 Changeset [9388] by mkommend

#1890: Fixed the NumberArray2XmlSerializerBase to allow the persistence of multidimensional arrarys with length components of size 0.

07:10 Changeset [9387] by gkronber

#1967: added CovNN symbol and tree node


14:08 Changeset [9386] by sluengo
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