22:44 Changeset [6994] by ascheibe


  • removed dead code
  • added Hive assembly references to Tests project
  • fixed problems found by tests
17:17 Changeset [6993] by ascheibe


  • removed unused files
  • changed the plugin cache path of the Slave HL App so that HL doesn't discover Hive assemblies
  • cleaned up config files
  • incremented version number of installers to 3.3.6
  • removed Execution time on Hive from Status page because it can't be calculated without the user statistics
17:12 Changeset [6992] by spimming

#1680: azure projects added

17:08 Changeset [6991] by sforsten

#1669: First version with a simpler design as discussed with Michael Kommenda has been implemented and will be tested soon. Currently only the KotanchekFunction.cs is changed accordingly. Other benchmarks are going to follow soon.

The classes for the different distributions are not needed any longer. Static methods in RegressionBenchmark replace them.

17:06 Changeset [6990] by spimming


  • AzureClient initial commit
  • Azure project added
  • WorkerRole for starting the slave core
16:53 Ticket #1681 (Drag & Drop support for the allowed InputVariables of ProblemData ...) created by mkommend
Currently it is not possible to drag & drop the allowed input …
16:25 Changeset [6989] by spimming


  • start client communication service optionally
  • make slave client communication interchangeable ('PipeCom', 'TraceCom')
14:42 Changeset [6988] by spimming

#1680: heuristiclab branch for azure integration

14:41 Ticket #1680 (Add Azure integration for Hive) created by spimming
14:12 Changeset [6987] by spimming


  • removed uncommented code
  • removed ‘Benchmark Name’ and ‘Benchmark Type’ from result collection
  • placed Getters/Setters after data members
  • added input validation
  • updated parameter description


19:24 Changeset [6986] by epitzer

#1679 Add simple run remover that removes all currently visible runs. All existing filters can be used to remove runs selectively.


23:14 Ticket #1678 (Assigning null to a LookupParameter throws an exception) closed by abeham
worksforme: As of now this change is not necessary, my requirement was to store an …


15:03 Ticket #1679 (Implement a RunCollectionModifier for removing runs) created by abeham


23:29 Ticket #1678 (Assigning null to a LookupParameter throws an exception) created by abeham
Line 153 in LookupParameter.cs checks if the type being assigned to …
21:14 Ticket #1677 (Rows in the RunCollectionTabularView don't respect filters) created by abeham
The tabular view always shows all runs, no matter what filters are …
16:27 DevelopersHiveFutureIdeas created by ascheibe
16:19 Changeset [6985] by ascheibe

#1672 added documentation for Hive

15:39 Changeset [6984] by ascheibe

#1233 #1215

  • The Hive Engine probably won't make it into 3.3.6 so i moved it to the MetaOpt branch because the Hive-3.4 branch should not be used anymore. The Hive Engine will then be released together with MetaOpt.
  • Updated MetaOpt to compile to new trunk binary directory and reference assemblies in this folder.
14:25 Changeset [6983] by ascheibe


  • added the Hive Services and Slave projects
  • added missing svn ignores
13:06 Ticket #1676 (RegressionErrorCharacteristicsCurveView should display the constant model) created by mkommend
The advantage would be, that then the quality measures from a constant …
13:04 Changeset [6982] by mkommend

#1675: Corrected emtpy solution ensembles and adapted views to handle empty ensembles correctly.

12:10 Ticket #1675 (Infinity looping occurs in empty solution ensembles) created by mkommend
This is due to the fact that a call to !Enumerable.All always returns …
11:24 Ticket #1674 (Implement multi-objective external evaluation problem) created by abeham
Feature requested on the mailinglist. This ticket must be released …
11:03 Ticket #1673 (The Title of RunCollectionViews should be more specific) created by mkommend
Currently the title of all RunCollectionViews is built like …
09:27 Changeset [6981] by mkommend

#1647: Sorted variable frequencies by the variable name and added NaturalStringComparer.

09:22 Changeset [6980] by mkommend

#1579: Removed unnecessary local variables in OnlineWightedDirectionalSymmetryCalculator.


18:09 Changeset [6979] by ascheibe

#1672 fixed plugin dependencies

17:15 Changeset [6978] by bburlacu

#1661: Added SymbolicExpressionTreeLengthAnalyzer. Added new scalingFactory visual property for table data rows (for dynamically adjusting the histogram scale depending on the number of bins) + scaling logic inside the tree length analyzer, adjusted DataTableView.

17:02 Changeset [6977] by ascheibe


  • removed unused files
  • added missing license headers
16:16 Changeset [6976] by ascheibe

#1672 integrate the Hive client projects into trunk (Hive Job Manager and Administrator)

16:11 Ticket #1672 (Hive trunk integration) created by ascheibe
This ticket is for tracking the trunk integration of HeuristicLab …
14:32 Changeset [6975] by mkommend

#1579: Corrected handling of underscores in SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionLatexFormatter.

10:59 Changeset [6974] by gkronber

#1081: cleared up definition of accuracy metrics for time series prognosis to make the distinction between one n-step forecast and n one-step forecasts clearer. Implemented calculators for time series accuracy metrics to support the calculation of the average accuracy over m n-step forecasts and adapted the unit tests accordingly.


16:33 Changeset [6973] by sforsten

#1669: different kinds of distribution have been implemented for the data generation. It hasn't been tested yet.

15:25 Changeset [6972] by ascheibe

#1233 added indices to DB script

14:33 Changeset [6971] by ascheibe

#1233 prevent appdomain leases from timing out if communication with server is interrupted

13:34 Changeset [6970] by svonolfe

Restructured VRP solution (#1177)

13:28 Changeset [6969] by sforsten

#1669: missing .resx file added and svn ignore list extended

13:18 Changeset [6968] by sforsten

#1669: First version which can automatically generate data for some problems from http://www.vanillamodeling.com/

13:02 Changeset [6967] by svonolfe

Fixed small issue in pairwise manipulator (#1177)

12:46 Changeset [6966] by svonolfe

Improved compatibility of pairwise operators (#1177)

12:22 Changeset [6965] by sforsten

#1669: Created branch for regression benchmark problems.

12:16 Changeset [6964] by gkronber

#1670 changed remaining calculators to follow originalValues/estimatedValues convention.

11:01 Changeset [6963] by gkronber

#1671 implemented quick fix for CSV importer and improved the import data dialog.

10:43 Changeset [6962] by gkronber

#1671 Added unit tests for CSV files with integer values (as for example produced by Excel)

10:13 Changeset [6961] by mkommend

#1670: Corrected calculation of DataAnalysisSolution results and modified online calculators to have more meaningful parameter names.

10:09 Ticket #1671 (CSV import does not work correctly for data files containing only ...) created by gkronber
The heuristic detection of the separator character in the CSV importer …
09:47 Changeset [6960] by svonolfe

Added pairwise manipulators, removed relocation manipulator (#1177)

09:35 Changeset [6959] by abeham


  • fixed dependencies for unit test


16:48 Changeset [6958] by ascheibe

#1233 fixed an arithmetic overflow when gathering statistics on job deletion

16:02 Ticket #1670 (RelativeAverageError is wrongly calculated for RegressionSolutions) created by mkommend
The defect is that the error is calculated relative to the estimated …
13:52 Ticket #1669 (Create demo and benchmark problems for regression tasks) created by mkommend
Benchmark modeling problems for regression and classification shall be …
11:14 Changeset [6957] by abeham


  • removed unnecessary files from import
11:12 Changeset [6956] by abeham


  • readded new simpler branch
11:03 Changeset [6955] by abeham


  • removed GeneralizedQAP branch
10:54 Changeset [6954] by abeham


  • applied fix to trunk
10:01 Documentation/FAQ edited by mkommend
added FAQ regarding the build process (diff)


22:40 WikiStart edited by ascheibe
Removed the "More..." link in the Users box because it pointed to the … (diff)
21:08 Changeset [6953] by abeham


  • Made parameter properties public
20:47 Changeset [6952] by abeham


  • reverted changes to trunk
  • readded instances as embedded resources


02:10 Support edited by ascheibe
02:04 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by ascheibe
02:00 UsersTutorials edited by ascheibe
01:51 UsersTutorials created by ascheibe
01:25 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by ascheibe
00:20 Ticket #1668 (Provide a SimpleAlgorithm base class or interface) created by ascheibe
It would be nice to have a base class or an interface that provides a …


17:53 Changeset [6951] by ascheibe

#1577 reverted changes from r6568. Views must be disposed or the USER objects count exceeds the limit of 10.000

16:12 Changeset [6950] by epitzer

Use CheckedItems instead of Items when waiting for available clients (#1667)

16:09 Ticket #1667 (ExternalEvaluation waits indefinitely for clients if unchecked ...) created by epitzer
When other clients, despite being unchecked, are listed external …
14:57 Changeset [6949] by bburlacu

#1654: Enhanced tree creator tests.

13:13 Changeset [6948] by spimming


  • restructuring of the benchmarking algorithms
  • common interface for benchmarks
  • 'benchmark' class discovers benchmarking algorithms
  • added 'TimeLimit' and 'ChunkSize' parameters to benchmark
11:44 Changeset [6947] by svonolfe

Fixed small issues in view and crossover (#1177)

11:20 Changeset [6946] by ascheibe


  • disable logging of the user statistics on the server because of high run time demands
  • also show in the slave UI the timestamps of arrived messages


18:42 Changeset [6945] by ascheibe

#1233 slave: catch more errors and log them to the windows event log

16:37 Changeset [6944] by mkommend

#1654: Corrected bug in Full- and GrowTreeCreator.


12:05 Ticket #1666 (SimplifierViews for symbolic data analysis problems should give a ...) created by gkronber
Optimizing a SymbolicRegressionSolution with the …


23:58 Changeset [6943] by ascheibe

#1233 fixed a small bug in the Job Manager and the Administrator UI

12:30 Documentation/Reference/Probabilistic Tree Creator edited by bburlacu
09:52 Symbolic Regression Problem edited by bburlacu
Added link to the wiki page for the ProbabilisticTreeCreator (diff)
09:41 PTC2-02.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Probabilistic Tree Creator by bburlacu
09:39 Documentation/Reference/Probabilistic Tree Creator edited by bburlacu
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