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22:39 Blog: HeuristicLab and Linux created by ascheibe
15:47 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by spimming
15:43 Changeset [6940] by ascheibe


  • fixed naming of binding configurations
  • fixed small bug in Status page
12:01 Changeset [6939] by abeham


  • Added hiding of Maximization parameter
  • Fixed AfterDeserializationHook in KnapsackProblem
  • Ported ArtificialAntProblem to use the SingleObjectiveHeuristicOptimizationProblem base class
11:59 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by spimming


23:36 Changeset [6938] by abeham


  • Added an *Operators* parameter in Problem
  • Adapted KnapsackProblem, OnemaxProblem, SingleObjectiveTestFunctionProblem, TravelingSalesmanProblem, and VehicleRoutingProblem to derive from SingleObjectiveHeuristicOptimizationProblem<U, V>, renamed and marked old list as obsolete. Note that QuadraticAssignmentProblem, as well as the new DataAnalysisProblems already derived from that class. ArtificialAntProblem was not yet modified.
  • Added some test lists and adapted SamplesTest
  • Added plugin dependencies that the unit test was complaining about


19:08 Ticket #1665 (If the random seed is specified for a cross-validation then the same ...) created by gkronber
10:54 Ticket #1664 (Exception (sequence is empty) when selecting "Test Samples" in the ...) created by gkronber
08:02 Changeset [6937] by gkronber

minor changes


18:50 Changeset [6936] by abeham


  • Added a new service method and a helper class for calling the service and configuring a QAP instance
  • Made parameter properties of the RTS public (so that it can be configured programmatically)
18:46 Ticket #1663 (Expose the problem's operators list in a parameter) created by abeham
Currently the operators list stored in the problem is not visible and …


02:30 Blog: Large Experiment Design for Programmers edited by abeham
02:26 Configurator TSPLIB.zip attached to Blog: Large Experiment Design for Programmers by abeham
The VS2010 solution that contains the configuration code, the template …
02:25 Blog: Large Experiment Design for Programmers created by abeham
00:29 Ticket #1662 (TSPLIB parser doesn't close the stream after reading the file) created by abeham
The file will still be treated as in use by the explorer.


15:12 Ticket #1661 (New SymbolicExpressionLengthTreeAnalyzer) created by bburlacu
This new analyzer can be used to visualize the distribution of tree …
12:53 AdditionalMaterial edited by ascheibe
12:43 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend


16:59 Download edited by gkronber
fixed download link for daily build (diff)
16:02 Changeset [6935] by ascheibe

#1652 fixed a bug when saving a file in SD or MD mode

15:08 Changeset [6934] by ascheibe

on behalf of spimming:

  • implemented abstract base class for benchmarking algorithms
  • added License information
  • corrected plugin dependencies
  • corrected descriptions


18:14 Changeset [6933] by gkronber

updated HL tutorial slides from GECCO 2011 tutorial slides

13:05 Changeset [6932] by spimming

Removed test of SVN permissions for spimming

13:04 Changeset [6931] by spimming

Test SVN permissions for spimming


23:04 Ticket #1660 (Improve the performance of run collection event handlers) created by abeham
I have several experiments with a very large number of runs (several …
15:00 Changeset [6930] by mkommend

#1653: Corrected !GP unit tests.

14:07 Changeset [6929] by mkommend

#1653: Ordered nested operators in multip symbolic expression manipulators by name.

12:33 Changeset [6928] by mkommend

#1653: Updated artifical ant unit test.


21:05 Changeset [6927] by ascheibe

#1648 added GeoIP support to access webservice

20:56 Changeset [6926] by ascheibe

#1233 updated jobmanager binaries

20:45 Changeset [6925] by ascheibe

#1233 fixed bug in PermissionView "bugfix"

19:39 Changeset [6924] by ascheibe

#1233 fixed bug in PermissionView in JobManager

18:11 Changeset [6923] by gkronber

#1653 set a timeout of one hour for the AllArchitectureAlteringOperatorsDistributionTest

17:33 Changeset [6922] by mkommend

#1653: Updated GP samples unit test and saved samples.

15:57 Changeset [6921] by mkommend

#1653: Excluded subtypes of Symbol and SymbolicExpressionGrammarBase from deep cloneable check.

15:54 Changeset [6920] by ascheibe

#1659 added benchmarking algorithms

15:39 Changeset [6919] by mkommend

#1653: Removed obsolete and out-dated unit test SymbolicRegressionTest.

15:31 Changeset [6918] by mkommend

#1657: Corrected ADFs for GP and adapted and extended the specific unit test.

15:15 Changeset [6917] by ascheibe

#1659 create branch for benchmarking algorithms

15:14 Ticket #1659 (Add algorithm to execute performance benchmarks) created by ascheibe
Add an algorithm to execute performance benchmarks (Linpack, …
09:11 Ticket #1658 (The BestAverageQualityAnalyzer should not output a quality chart in ...) created by abeham
When executing large and long-running experiments I want to know on …
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