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19:10 Changeset [2604] by swagner

Fixed problem in post-build scripts when the project directory contains a space. #799

17:47 Changeset [2603] by gkronber

Fixed (?) problem in post-build scripts when the project directory contains a space. #799

17:26 Ticket #827 (Make error messages of ConfigMerger a bit more verbose) closed by swagner
fixed: Done in r2602.
17:26 Changeset [2602] by swagner

Improved error messages of ConfigMerger (#827)

17:19 Changeset [2601] by gkronber

Changed configuration so that file lists are not copied to output directory and added script to create a console application. #799

16:41 Ticket #827 (Make error messages of ConfigMerger a bit more verbose) created by swagner
15:31 Changeset [2600] by gkronber

Re-added ICSharpZipLib and replaced main start up code with call to plugin infrastructure start up code. #799

15:23 Changeset [2599] by gkronber

Added a class that contains the startup code for the plugin infrastructure. #799

15:17 Changeset [2598] by gkronber

Fixed post-build scripts. #799

14:31 Changeset [2597] by gkronber

Removed my name from the default settings in the plugin infrastructure. #799

13:09 Changeset [2596] by gkronber

Adapted post-build scripts. #799

11:49 Changeset [2595] by gkronber

Deleted unused interface ISandboxManager. #799

11:46 Changeset [2594] by gkronber

Fixed minor problem in type discovery. #799

11:22 Changeset [2593] by gkronber

Merged missing changes to main project HeuristicLab (r2587,r2589) from branch to trunk. #799

11:07 Changeset [2592] by gkronber

Merged missing changes (r2587, r2589) in plugin infrastructure from branch to trunk. #799

10:31 Changeset [2591] by gkronber

Copied refactored plugin infrastructure from branch and merged changeset r2586:2589 from branch into the trunk. #799

10:13 Changeset [2590] by gkronber

Deleted projects HeuristicLab, HeuristicLab.PluginInfrastructure and HeuristicLab.PluginInfrastructure.GUI in preparation for the merge of the refactored plugin infrastructure from the branch back to the trunk. #799

10:01 Changeset [2589] by gkronber

Fixed minor issues in Hive plugins. #799


22:47 Changeset [2588] by kgrading

added logging (#826)

22:42 Ticket #826 (Add Logging to Client) created by kgrading
Logging has to be increased using the built in logging system
18:55 Changeset [2587] by gkronber

Fixed projects to work with new plugin infrastructure. #799

18:23 Changeset [2586] by gkronber

Merged r2585 from plugin infrastructure refactoring branch back into the trunk. #799

18:21 Changeset [2585] by gkronber

Fixed build date attribute in .frame files. #799

11:23 Changeset [2584] by gkronber

Copied plugin HeuristicLab 3.3 from trunk to plugin-infrastructure refactoring branch. #799

11:17 Changeset [2583] by gkronber

Copied current versions of plugins HeuristicLab, HeuristicLab.AdvancedOptimizationFrontend, HeuristicLab.Core, HeuristicLab.Data to plugin-infrastructure refactoring branch. #799

11:13 Changeset [2582] by gkronber

Deleted previously copied projects to prepare for remerge (start from clean slate). #799

10:41 Changeset [2581] by gkronber

Fixed minor documentation flaw. #799 (Refactor plugin infrastructure)

07:55 Changeset [2580] by gkronber

copied all projects from trunk. #799 (Refactor plugin infrastructure)


18:11 Changeset [2579] by gkronber

Implemented #823 (Implement tree evaluator with linear scaling.)

18:10 Changeset [2578] by gkronber

Implemented #824 (Refactor: ITreeEvaluator interface to provide a method that evaluates a tree on a range of samples.)


19:06 Changeset [2577] by gkronber

Remove usage of UseEstimatedTargetValue parameter. #825 (UseEstimatedTargetValue parameter should be removed from evaluation operators.)

18:21 Ticket #825 (UseEstimatedTargetValue parameter should be removed from evaluation ...) created by gkronber
This parameter is necessary for a very specialized form of evaluation …
18:11 Ticket #824 (Refactor: ITreeEvaluator interface to provide a method that evaluates ...) created by gkronber
Instead of the two separate methods `PrepareForEvaluation(dataset, …


16:47 Ticket #823 (Implement tree evaluator with linear scaling to improve convergence in ...) created by gkronber
As described in "Improving Symbolic Regression with Interval …


16:03 Changeset [2576] by gkronber

Quick-fix for #822.

16:02 Ticket #822 (Missing Invoke() in MainForm) created by gkronber
As reported by kgrading


02:33 Changeset [2575] by swagner

Implemented IDisposable and unified extension capabilities for all observable collections (#819)


21:38 Changeset [2574] by swagner

Restructured interfaces and base classes (#819)


04:12 Changeset [2573] by swagner

Worked on HeuristicLab.Collections plugin (#819)

  • added ObservableKeyedCollectionBase
  • minor fixes


02:15 Changeset [2572] by swagner

Added new plugin HeuristicLab.Collections which contains generic observable collections (#819)


13:41 Changeset [2571] by mkommend

corrected reopening of connection if no database exists (ticket #759)

13:30 Changeset [2570] by gkronber

Renamed methods in MultiLayerPerceptronRegression. #751.

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