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#831 PluginInfrastructure Activate restricted permission set for sandboxed AppDomains
#1470 Analysis.Views AlleleFrequencyCollectionView should show alleles in lexicographic order
#1506 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views All node impacts and result values are calculated multiple times when a model is simplified via the interactive simplifier
#1521 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic ConstantTreeNode does not respect min and max value of ConstantSymbol
#1523 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Data analysis algorithms do not exclude samples from the test partition correctly in learning phase
#1524 Problems.DataAnalysis Importing ClassificationProblemData throws OutOfMemoryException
#1531 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic List of allowed variable names in the variable symbol is not synchronized correctly with the allowed input variables in problem data
#1535 Parameters.Views ValueParameterView sets the value of ValueParameters to null
#1537 PluginInfrastructure Plugin update service is broken because of the switch to .NET 4.0
#1539 Analysis Fix multidimensional scaling unit test
#1544 Persistence Persistence is not thread-safe
#1550 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Algorithms containing symbolic expression problems can not be resumed after loading a paused algorithm
#1559 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Memory leak in SymbolicExpressionTreeGrammars
#1560 Persistence Concurrent Serialization of Bitmaps fails
#1562 Algorithms.DataAnalysis OnStarted event is fired twice in FixedDataAnalysisAlgorithm
#1564 Core.Views CollectionViews do not clone the dropped items correctly
#1567 General PSO sample produces different results on x86 and AnyCPU builds
#1569 Core Parallel execution of many algorithms fails (sometimes)
#1570 PluginInfrastructure Unhandled exception when no internet connection is available
#1571 Encodings.RealVectorEncoding Bug in the implementation of Polynomial*PositionManipulator
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