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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1053 Change the click behaviour of the ViewHost icon mkommend defect lowest MainForm.WindowsForms
#285 Cloning could be improved by creating objects at the bottom of the cloning chain with 'new' instead of the top with Activator.CreateInstance() gkronber enhancement medium HeuristicLab 3.3.0 General
#115 CombinedOperator GUIDs in the scope tree should be invisible swagner enhancement lowest HeuristicLab 3.3.0 Core
#44 Command line frontend for HL gkronber enhancement lowest PluginInfrastructure
#190 Component for management of agents and results gkronber feature request lowest HeuristicLab 3.3.0 CEDMA.Core
#338 CopyTo method in ItemDictionary<K,V> is not implemented swagner defect medium HeuristicLab 3.3.0 Data
#181 Create and release new setup file for HL3 stable swagner task low HeuristicLab 3.3.0 General
#518 Cross thread operation when pressing abort in debug mode with VS attached mkofler defect medium HeuristicLab 3.3.0 ZZZ OBSOLETE: SGA
#1422 Deep zoom for BubbleChart gkronber enhancement medium HeuristicLab 3.3.x Backlog Optimization.Views
#36 Distributed scopes to improve performance of DistributedEngine gkronber feature request low HeuristicLab 3.3.0 ZZZ OBSOLETE: DistributedEngine
#1059 Do not allow infinitely small views. mkommend defect low MainForm.WindowsForms
#653 Dynamic Plugin loading for the Execution Engine kgrading defect high HeuristicLab 3.3.0 Hive.Client.Core
#1102 Enable starting multiple optimizers of an experiment in parallel swagner enhancement low Optimization
#969 Enforce read-only views of arbitrary contents swagner enhancement medium HeuristicLab 3.3.0 Core
#251 Engine-store should delete old jobs and results gkronber feature request lowest HeuristicLab 3.3.0 ZZZ OBSOLETE: Grid
#2849 Enhanced OS-ALPS Strategies pfleck enhancement medium Algorithms.ALPS
#3126 Excessive use of memory caused by storing all Pareto-optimal solutions for multi-objective symbolic regression runs gkronber defect medium HeuristicLab 3.3.17 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic
#1717 Execution times are wrong when the slave and the server are in different time zones ascheibe defect medium HeuristicLab 3.3.x Backlog Hive.General
#1334 Explore binary serialization as an alternative to serialize Hive jobs ascheibe enhancement medium HeuristicLab 3.3.x Backlog General
#517 Extend SGA GUI plugin with OperatorInjector for post-generation processing swagner feature request low HeuristicLab 3.3.0 ZZZ OBSOLETE: SGA
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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