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Added (mu+lambda)-ES workbench

List of available HL3 workbenches

This listing contains all the documented workbenches that have been created and used with HeuristicLab 3.0. The minimal documentation should be the description of the main idea and/or purpose of the workbench. A list of the parameters would be very nice to have and optionally a short conclusion or result. The workbenches are listed in three categories: Algorithm, Problem and Project and can appear in multiple categories, e.g. a good algorithm setting together with a good result, which was achieved in the course of a specific project should be listed in all three categories. If workbenches fit together they should also be placed on the same wiki page, e.g. application of the same algorithm on a number of problem instances of the same problem.

There is also a documentation template which you should use as base structure for the documentation of your workbenches.

By algorithm

By problem

By project