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HeuristicLab Tutorials

With the release of HeuristicLab 3.3 we also started giving tutorials on how to use HeuristicLab. These tutorials contain some background information about HeuristicLab, show how to use it and how to apply it for solving specific problems. Here is a list of conferences where such tutorials were held so far or will be held in the near future:

You can download the slides from here.

Video Tutorials

The HeuristicLab tutorials are also available as screencasts. You can watch the videos below or visit our YouTube channel.

How to Execute Algorithms in HeuristicLab

The video shows how you can parameterize and execute algorithms in HeuristicLab.

HeuristicLab Usability and Views

This video demonstrates the basic user interface concepts of HeuristicLab and how to effectively use them.

Experiment Design and Analysis in HeuristicLab

This video shows how to create experiments and batch-runs in HeuristicLab as well as how to analyze the generated results.

How to create Custom Algorithms in HeuristicLab

This video shows how algorithms in HeuristicLab can be adapted in the GUI by extending a Genetic Algorithm to incorporate a crossover probability.