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    55=== Priority: HIGHEST ===
     6 * In some way we need to make the best solution available to view. When you're optimizing something other than benchmark problems you'll probably want to make use of the best solution.
     7  * abeham: done with the change to use analyzers starting from r3616 (#999)
     8 * The relative / absolute difference to best known quality in the multipop algorithms is doing strange things.
     9  * abeham: fixed with the change to analyzers starting from r3616 (#999)
    711=== Priority: HIGH ===
    9094 * Using "Close all", also closes the operators list, clipboard and the start page. The start page okay, but operators list or clipboard I wouldn't have exptected to be closed.
    9195   * mkommend: Fixed in r3571.
     96 * !TabuSearch visualizes the current solution, but not the best
     97  * abeham: was decided with swagner to leave it that way for now
     98  * abeham: or not.. fixed with change to analyzers r3616 (#999)
    93100=== Priority: MEDIUM ===
    151158 * A problem should inject a variable that indicates its dimensionality (sometimes you want to set values depending on the dimension of the problem).
    152159   * swagner: In a discussion with abeham it was decided that a problem dimension parameter is not really required.
     160 * The TSP problem view:
     161   * Would be nice to have paste support (e.g. from Excel) in the datagrid of the string convertible matrix view.
     162    * abeham: mkommend fixed this in r3643
     163 * In the operator graph chart view:
     164   * Some boxes are sometimes placed above the top end of the chart.
     165     * mkommend: This behavior could not be reproduced in r3176.
     166     * abeham: neither could I, about 400 revisions later
     167 * `TypeSelector` view: When only one single type is possible (e.g. `DoubleData`), select that type and auto-close with OK.
     168   * In a discussion with maffenze it was decided to show the type selector dialog in every case as we fear that it might be irritating for a user, if the dialog is sometimes shown and sometimes not shown.
    154170=== Priority: LOW ===
    182198 * Resetting the engine doesn't update the global scope details view (user defined algorithm).
    183199   * swagner: Fixed in r3528.
     200 * There should be a nicer way of saying the chart controls are not installed instead of an exception.
     201   * swagner: The HeuristicLab setup will check if the Microsoft Chart Controls are installed and will show a meaningful error message.
     202 * The tooltips should not exceed a certain width. With a long description you've got one line running over the whole screen.
     203   * swagner: It is not possible to define a maximum text width and to enforce word wrapping for tool tips. Therefore line breaks have to be set for each tool tip text individually. Please specify which tool tips are too long so that appropriate line breaks can be added.
     204   * abeham: has not been a problem for a long time
     205 * We do not currently count the number of evaluated solutions.
     206  * abeham: added evaluated solutions for offspring selection where this cannot be computed a priori in r3426
     207  * abeham: added evaluated solutions also for TS, SA, LS where it's possible, but uncomfortable to calculate this with the exhaustive move generators