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    313313 * System.Runtime.!InteropServices.!ExternalException: "Allgemeiner Fehler in GDI+"; the following settings lead to this exception: new Experiment with !EvolutionStrategy and !GeneticAlgorithm with TSP 150 -> Run -> Analyze Runs -> Run Collection Bubble Chart -> set one axis to sth you like, the other one to "Coordinates", scroll down in the "Coordinates"-Drop-Down-Box with the scroll wheel, scroll back up to "Coordinates"
    314314   * mkommend: fixed in r3536.
    315316=== Priority: MEDIUM ===
    316317 * I would change the stop sign to a pause sign, as it actually pauses the run (maybe also change the tooltip of the start button to "Start/Resume Algorithm"). A stop sign signalizes for me: better not click it, or else I have to start all over again.
    321322 * Add != Set Value; In all forms with a simple value (`IntData`, `DoubleData`, `BoolData`,..) a plus icon signalizes the possible change/edit. I would change the plus sign for example to a pencil (as you do not add a new value but change it).
    322323   * swagner: Changed in r3306, r3327 and r3341.
     324 * A `TabuSearch` with a ch150 TSP is not running fluently, it jerks.
     325   * swagner: Which parameter settings of the tabu search were used? If an exhaustive move generator is used, the tabu search jerks as computing the whole set of possible moves is quite time-consuming.
     326   * vdorfer: I used the default parameter settings, which have an `ExhaustiveTwoOptMoveGenerator` as move generator.
     327   * abeham: Seems to run "fluently" in r3527, at least with a ch130.
     328   * vdorfer: runs fluently, problem caused by infrequent GUI updates, see comment of mkommend.
    324330=== Priority: LOW ===