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Changes between Version 38 and Version 39 of ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0ApplicationDone

04/08/10 22:05:51 (14 years ago)



  • ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0ApplicationDone

    v38 v39  
    178178 * When no crossover is selected an error message is thrown which gives no hint about the reason.
    179179   * swagner: Changed in r2924 that a selection and a crossover operator are automatically selected if available to avoid the cryptic error message.
     180 * Something like a starter package of problems (which do not have to be imported before) should also be included in the release version.
     181   * swagner: We can include several problems in the setup as it was the case in HL 1.1 or we can offer a set of problems on the same web page where the HL setup can be downloaded. I would prefer the second solution, as it is simpler to realize and the user can easily choose where he wants to save the sample problems. Furthermore, he can download the sample problems again if necessary without having to reinstall HL. However, the first solution has the benefit that the user does not have to download two files. Is the second solution acceptable?
     182   * swagner: In a discussion with maffenze it was decided to take the second solution (i.e. to offer a set of problems on the HL download page).
    181184=== Priority: MEDIUM ===