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    316316 * I have started a new ES (solving a TSP instance) and set breakpoint flag in the RandomCreater. After running and stopping the algorithm I cannot disable this breakpoint because the respective check box is disabled.
    317317   * mkommend: corrected breakpoints behavior in r3696.
     318 * After defining a batch run (GA, TSP, 5 repetitions) and dragging it into an experiment, the "play" button of the experiment is still disabled.
     319   * Follow-up: The play-button is enabled after adding a new algorithm (and adding a problem to this algorithm).
     320   * swagner: Fixed in r3716.
    319322=== Priority: HIGH ===
    385388   * The legend "Quality 0" is suboptimal.
    386389     * swagner: Changed in r3690.
     390 * I am not completely happy about being asked if I want to clear all runs after each click on the reset button. I would prefer to have a button for this in the runs section.
     391   * swagner: Changed in r3716.
    388393=== Priority: LOW ===
    474479 * The start page does not resize correctly. The list box with the samples always has the same height.
    475480   * swagner: Changed in r3711.
     481 * Experiment: If rerunning an experiment without clearing the contained runs, the included batchruns are only execute once instead of 10 times.
     482   * swagner: Fixed in r3716.
    477484=== Priority: HIGH ===
    480487 * The execution time textbox is only updated after an operation completed. If a long running operation is executed (e.g. SGA + TSP and population size 10000), the textbox is updated infrequently and it looks like as if the application hangs. This should be handled in the GUI by updating the execution time more frequent (every X milliseconds) in a separate thread.
    481488   * mkommend: Changed in r3262.
     489 * Experiment - !BatchRun: When stopping a !BatchRun explicitly during the execution of an experiment, it often results in an error message stating that the !BatchRun cannot be stopped while in stopped stated. I guess this is somehow related to the asynchronous GUI updating / executing of engines.
     490   * swagner: Fixed in r3716.
    483492=== Priority: MEDIUM ===