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    2323   * Sometimes the arrow is not drawn when connecting two operators, or it's drawn wrong.
    2424   * The red square surrounding a port still remains selected sometimes after creating a connection.
     25   * mkommend: Moved to ticket #1060.
    2526 * Operator graph tree-view:
    2627   * The breakpoint icon looks a bit big.
    4243  * mkommend: This is the default behavior of the Netron library. As far as I understand the source it is related to selection of grouped / stacked items.
    4344   * abeham: If that means it's impossible to change please delete the whole issue. I'm moving it down in the priority list.
     45  * mkommend: Moved to ticket #1060.
    4446 * Placing two operators in the operator graph view above each other and left-clicking selects the operator on top, but right-clicking opens the context menu on the bottom one
     47  * mkommend: Moved to ticket #1060.
    4548 * When removing the initial operator in a user defined algorithm the solve button is still enabled (there is no exception)
    4649 * I create a batch run, produce some runs, clear the runs and save the batch run. When I load it again and produce some more runs they'll have IDs starting from the last run produced.
    4750 * I'd like an option to increase/decrease the font size and increase/decrease the arrow strength in the operator graph view.
     51  * mkommend: Moved to ticket #1060.
    4953=== Priority: LOW ===
    6165   * The flow chart is very nice, but sometimes arrows are a bit wild and going backwards which creates a not so nice strikethrough appearance. Would be good to have non-direct arrows as well.
    6266     * swagner: In a discussion with maffenze it was decided to address this issue after the release of HeuristicLab 3.3.0.
     67     * mkommend: Moved to ticket #1060.
    6368 * The !OperatorGraphVisualization doesn't respect operator collections (e.g. `SequentialSubScopesProcessor`).
    6469   * mkommend: This feature will rarely be used by a standard user and it will not be fixed right now. Although special shapes for `MultipleCallOperators` are planned.
     70   * mkommend: Moved to ticket #1060.
    6571 * In `TypeSelector` filter types that don't have a constructor (like currently `PathTSPTour`).
    6672   * swagner: Generally all items should provide a parameterless constructor. I implemented one for `PathTSPTour` in r3139.
    7379     2. A top-down graph better fits the paper orientation in a publication.
    7480     * mkommend: This will be implemented with the other changes regarding the layout of the operator graph.
     81   * mkommend: Moved to ticket #1060.
    7582 * Focus is not removed from a textbox if one clicks anywhere in the "gray" area.
    7683   * swagner: This is the behavior of Windows Forms.
    222229   * panning while pressing the middle mouse button would be nice too
    223230   * display updates while scrolling and panning are rather slow
     231   * mkommend: Moved to ticket #1060.
    225233=== Priority: LOW ===
    258266=== Priority: LOW ===
    259267 * After zooming out in the operator graph visualization multiple times (approx. 50 times) an exception is thrown.
    261 ----
     268   * mkommend: Moved to ticket #1060.