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    103103=== Priority: HIGHEST ===
    104  * After defining a batch run (GA, TSP, 5 repetitions) and dragging it into an experiment, the "play" button of the experiment is still disabled.
    105    * Follow-up: The play-button is enabled after adding a new algorithm (and adding a problem to this algorithm).
    106104 * HeuristicLab crashes fatally when I do the following: I run a GA solving the TSP ch130 problem several times, filter the results and let the results be displayed in a bubble chart (showing the best qualities). Then I start the GA with another problem (a Knapsack problem) without clearing the results, and then HL crashes.
    107105   * gkronber: This might be caused by my changes to the bubble chart today (r3707).
    113111 * Algorithm testing: I have tested an OS-GA solving the TSP130 in HL2.5 (legacy plugins) and HL 3.3; pop. size: 100, success rate: 0.8, comparison factor: 0.0, max. selection pressure: 100, insertion mutation, CX crossover in HL2.5, CyclicCrossover2 in HL3.3. The resullts differ significantly: In HL 2.5 the produced solutions' quality is in the range 13,000 - 18,000, in HL3.3 it is in the range 20,000 - 24,000. Maybe I have overseen something?
    114112 * There is no Help menu, and also no About dialog.
    115  * I am not completely happy about being asked if I want to clear all runs after each click on the reset button. I would prefer to have a button for this in the runs section.
    116113 * I like the graphical display of the twodimensional test function solutions - I would suggest adding the display of min and max displayed values.
    117114 * The details of the GP grammar currently used are not displayed.
    182179=== Priority: HIGHEST ===
    183  * Experiment: If rerunning an experiment without clearing the contained runs, the included batchruns are only execute once instead of 10 times.
    185181=== Priority: HIGH ===
    186182 * Parameter checks should be added to every algorithm. E.g. it should not be possible to start an GA/OSGA with negative or zero population size. Neg. population size results in an !ArithmeticOverflowException in the selection operator, because arrays of negative size could not be allocated.
    187183 * Negative mutation rates or maximum generations do not produce an error, but are meaningless and should IMHO also be checked.
    188  * Experiment - !BatchRun: When stopping a !BatchRun explicitly during the execution of an experiment, it often results in an error message stating that the !BatchRun cannot be stopped while in stopped stated. I guess this is somehow related to the asynchronous GUI updating / executing of engines.
    189184 * The start page does not respect the loading cursor.
     185   * swagner: This is the default behavior of Windows Forms. The cursor property is not automatically propagated to all child controls. Consequently, the app starting cursor is not shown for example when hovering over the first steps text.
    191187=== Priority: MEDIUM ===