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    120120 * After defining a batch run (GA, TSP, 5 repetitions) and dragging it into an experiment, the "play" button of the experiment is still disabled.
     121   * Follow-up: The play-button is enabled after adding a new algorithm (and adding a problem to this algorithm).
    122123=== Priority: HIGH ===
    134135 * IMHO the standard selection operators in gender specific selection should be flipped; this would more reflect behavior in nature. The reason for this is that these selectors do not specify how fe/male individuals select their mates, but rather how they are selected.
    135136 * Pressing "Define" in the Persistence Configuration Form seems to have no effect (?).
    136  * The lines in the variables impact graph can be a bit unclear, especially when many lines are shown. E.g., tooltips could help, maybe also displaying the impact / frequency values in a table.
    137  * The progress of the R² value during the algorithm's execution is not shown.
    138  * It would be nice to be able to save the whole clipboard to a file.
    139    * swagner: When the Save button is clicked, the whole content of the clipboard is saved and restored the next time when the optimizer is started. Should there be any additional saving (exporting/importing) functionality? I am not so sure about that ... What would be a typical use case for this feature?
    140    * swinkler: The idea here was that it could happen that I work on something (using several different problems or algorithms, e.g.), and that I would want to send my current configuration to a friend, so that s/he could use the same problems and algorithms and see what I am doing.
    141    * swagner: For this use case I would recommend to use an experiment. Additionally, we discussed that it might be nice to have "projects" in HeuristicLab which represent a collection of files/items (similar to a solution in VS). However, we will not be able to implement this in the HL 3.3.0 release. In any case, I am not really happy with adding import/export functionality to the clipboard. Please use experiments for saving and sharing multiple algorithms and problems for now as long as projects are still missing.
    143138=== Priority: LOW ===