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    1919   * swagner: Dropping runs into a run collection is allowed to enable users to copy/move interesting runs into a run collection and to analyze these runs later on. If we disable drop operations on run collections to avoid the duplication of runs, this will not be possible anymore. Do you think that this feature is not required?
    2020    * abeham: In my opinion the algorithm view should not be used as analyzer for runs other than the ones it created. It would be better to allow creating a new run collection and drop interesting runs there for further analysis.
     21 * The relative / absolute difference to best known quality in the multipop algorithms is doing strange things.
    2223=== Priority: HIGH ===
    126127   * mkommend: As far as I know no multi population algorithm shows the best result.
    127128   * swinkler: I'm not an expert on multi population algorithms, but I think there should be a display of the best solution. E.g., this is also what is published in papers.
     129   * abeham: This will be solved by the tracing / analysis operators that swagner is about to implement. Meanwhile you can see the best result by checking the result collections of the individual islands / villages.
    128130 * An exception is thrown if a variable is declared as input variable twice.
    129131 * An exception is thrown if a input variable is misspelled.