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    104104 * I just got an InvalidOperationException: "Drag Drop registration did not succeed". After clicking OK the program does not respond anymore. At the moment I cannot reproduce the error; what I did is the following: I created a new TSP instance, dragged it into the clipboard, opened a new island GA, dragged the TSP instance into it, started the algorithm, paused it, and clicked through the island results. Then suddenly this exception came.
     105 * After running the SA/Rastrigin demo example I chose to display the results as bubble chart. Selecting Qualities as y-values and the relative difference of best known quality leads to an exception.
    106107=== Priority: HIGH ===
    110111=== Priority: MEDIUM ===
     113 * In the Plugin Manager I do not see how I can activate disabled plugins.
     114 * In the Plugin Manager I do not see how I can update only those plugins that are selected.
    112115 * There is no way to see the optimal solution that is found by the algorithm, for example the best tour or the best knapsack selection. Even though not all users might be interested to see these best results, it might help to increase the confidence of users.
    113116 * IMHO the standard selection operators in gender specific selection should be flipped; this would more reflect behavior in nature. The reason for this is that these selectors do not specify how fe/male individuals select their parnters, but rather how they are selected.