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Changes between Version 136 and Version 137 of ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application

04/14/10 05:15:34 (14 years ago)



  • ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application

    v136 v137  
    4343 * There should be a nicer way of saying the chart controls are not installed instead of an exception.
    4444   * swagner: The HeuristicLab setup will check if the Microsoft Chart Controls are installed and will show a meaningful error message.
    45  * The button for changing the evaluation in the TSP view features "+" which is used for adding, not setting in other views.
    46    * swagner: In a discussion with maffenze it was decided to use the "+" icon for adding and for setting values as long as there is no better idea which icon to use for setting values.
    47    * abeham: I'd suggest `EditTable` for change operations. Also in the results collection, I'd like to see different icons for `DataTable` and the solution visualization so that they pop out. I'd suggest `Object`, or if it hasn't been used already `Properties`.
    4845 * The quality chart looks great!
    4946   * We should probably use the same colors we had in 1.1 for best/average/worst qualities.
    8683=== Priority: LOW ===
    138134 * In the results view I would show by default the quality data table (instead of first having to stop (pause) the algorithm, select the data table and resume the algorithm). When the tour visualization is done, this would be best to show by default.
    139135   * swagner: Showing results by default is critical, as the continuous redraw of a result's value (e.g. quality chart, tour visualization) might consume a lot of runtime. Therefore the user should have to select a result manually, if he wants to look at a result.
    140  * Add != Set Value; In all forms with a simple value (`IntData`, `DoubleData`, `BoolData`,..) a plus icon signalizes the possible change/edit. I would change the plus sign for example to a pencil (as you do not add a new value but change it).
    141136 * A "Do you want to save your work" question is missing when clicking the "x" of an open SGA, TSP, ...
    142137 * A `TabuSearch` with a ch150 TSP is not running fluently, it jerks.
    175170   * i.e. Maximation is always the first parameter but can rarely be changed.
    176171   * swagner: In a discussion with maffenze it was decided not to hide parameters. The parameters collection of a problem should show all parameters of a problem so that a user sees and understands how the underlying problem object looks like. This should help users when they start to implement own problems.
    177  * The [+] Button in the !ValueParameterView is slightly misleading once a value has been added, then it should mean change the value.
    178172 * The [+] Button in the !ValueParameterView should also be disabled if the type of the parameter cannot be changed.
    179173   * swagner: Even if the type of a value parameter cannot be changed, it might be necessary to be able to exchange the whole value object. Therefore the [+] button should be enabled in every case.