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Changes between Version 99 and Version 100 of ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application

03/24/10 09:53:46 (14 years ago)



  • ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application

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    149149 * In the results view I would show by default the quality data table (instead of first having to stop (pause) the algorithm, select the data table and resume the algorithm). When the tour visualization is done, this would be best to show by default.
    150150 * I would change the stop sign to a pause sign, as it actually pauses the run (maybe also change the tooltip of the start button to "Start/Resume Algorithm"). A stop sign signalizes for me: better not click it, or else I have to start all over again.
    151   * mkommend:I would also recommend a pause icon instead of the stop icon.
     151  * mkommend: I would also recommend a pause icon instead of the stop icon.
     152  * abeham: Count me in on that too.
    152153 * Add != Set Value; In all forms with a simple value (`IntData`, `DoubleData`, `BoolData`,..) a plus icon signalizes the possible change/edit. I would change the plus sign for example to a pencil (as you do not add a new value but change it).
    153154 * A "Do you want to save your work" question is missing when clicking the "x" of an open SGA, TSP,...