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Welcome to the HeuristicLab trac page

The core development team of HeuristicLab uses this page to coordinate efforts to improve and extend HeuristicLab.

Versions of HeuristicLab

User manual

  • PluginManagerConsole -- Plugin management with the Plugin Manager Console
  • PluginOverview -- Gives an overview of currently available plugins including short descriptions of the plugins.
  • HeuristicLab 3.0 Overview -- Gives an overview of the main concepts
  • Modeling EAs -- Shows how to realize EAs in HeuristicLab 3.0
  • TestFunctions -- Gives an overview of the real valued test functions available in HeuristicLab 3

Demo workbenches for HeuristicLab 3

  • HL3 Workbenches -- List and documentation of available HL3 demo workbenches

Developer documentation

  • DevelopmentGuidelines
  • CodingConventions
  • BuildingFromSource
  • DesignDocuments

Plugin Infrastructure

  • PluginInfrastructureDesign -- Design of the plugin infrastructure
  • PluginManagerConsoleDesign -- Design of the Plugin Manager Console
  • CreatingPlugins -- Creating new plugins
  • InstallingPlugins -- Installing plugins

Reports for HeuristicLab 3

Starting Points for Trac

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.