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Multi-Population GA TSP


This is a copy of SGA (TSP) which executes 10 SGAs side-by-side without migration. This workbench is an example for global parallelization with a distributed engine. However it is also possible to copy the whole thing into a sequential- or thread-parallel-engine.


  • Populations = 10
  • Population Size = 100
  • Mutation Rate = 5%
  • Maximum Generations = 1000
  • Elites = 1
  • Parents = 200

Implementation & Notes

Works with revision r3.

Results & Conclusions

  • Algorithmic results see: SGA (TSP).
  • Effects of the parallelization: Speedup is OK since we have only global parallelization and no communication between the populations. The DistributedEngine could be more efficient if we upload only he necessary parts of the scope tree to the executing client instead of the whole tree.

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