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    3535!HeuristicLab does not contain a setup and does not have to be installed. After extracting the !HeuristicLab ZIP archive from this page into a new folder, double click on the file `HeuristicLab 3.3.exe` to start.
    37 Please note that it is recommended to download new releases regularly, as the development of !HeuristicLab is an ongoing and active process.
     37== Sources and Version Control ==
     39At some point it might be beneficial for you to build against the code in our SVN repositories or fork the project on GitHub. For SVN you'll have to install ​Tortoise SVN because the build process makes use of one of its tools (SubWCRev). You need to have the bin folder of TortoiseSVN (usually C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin) in your PATH environment variable. Changing the PATH variable requires you to re-login to your Windows account to put them into effect.
     41 * SVN repository stable branch: ​ (recommended: tested and reviewed changes only).
     42 * SVN repository main trunk: ​ (not recommended: frequent and unreviewed changes, moderate testing)
     43 * Full SVN repository: ​ (only for HL core developers! It is recommended to perform a partial checkout and exclude several or all branches, but not the branches directory itself)
     44 * GitHub: ​ (only releases are pushed to GitHub - note that we do not accept pull requests on GitHub, we only use it for publishing)