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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials show how to use the HeuristicLab environment to complete tasks such as experiment analysis, algorithm prototyping or solving regression problems.

Basic Tutorials

Usability and Views

This video demonstrates the basic user interface concepts of HeuristicLab and how to effectively use them.

How to Execute Algorithms

The video shows how you can parameterize and execute algorithms in HeuristicLab.

Experiment Design and Analysis

This video shows how to create experiments and batch-runs in HeuristicLab as well as how to analyze the generated results.

Advanced Tutorials

How to Create Custom Algorithms

This video shows how algorithms in HeuristicLab can be adapted in the GUI by extending a genetic algorithm to incorporate a crossover probability.

How to Create User-defined Problems

In this video it is shown how user-defined problems can be used to extend HeuristicLab with new custom optimization problems. As an example a user-defined n-queens problem is created and you can see how to define the problem's parameters and its solution encoding and how to implement a custom evaluation function using a programmable operator.

How to Use HeuristicLab Hive?

Hive is HeuristicLab's distributed computing infrastructure and can be used to execute experiments in a massively parallel and distributed fashion. This video shows how to create an experiment, upload it to Hive for execution and view the results.

Rapid Prototyping Using the Scripting Environment


Application-specific Tutorials

Introduction to symbolic regression

Introduction to symbolic classification