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    99GPDL separates the implementation of problem details from the intricacies of algorithm implementations. Only the details of the problem are specified in a framework-independent way. A compiler can transform the problem description to source code for different GP systems. This way it will be much easier to implement problems and try to solve them with different GP implementations or even other kinds of solvers!
     11GPDL is not limited to C# or Java and it is not limited to HeuristicLab (however, it is the only system we implemented a compiler for so far).
     13GPDL is based on the concept of attributed grammars with semantic actions that are usually used in compiler construction. Basically, GP can be described as search over a space of sentences of a formal language to find the sentence with optimal objective function value. Therefore, a GP problem can be defined as a tuple of a formal language, defined e.g. via a grammar, and an objective function for sentences. Therefore, our idea is to specify GP problems via an attributed grammar with semantic actions for the interpretation of sentences and an objective function to be minimized / maximized. Below you will find an example how the symbolic regression model can be in GPDL.
    1116On this page we provide a first specification of the GPDL language and a reference implementation for a GPDL compiler for HeuristicLab.