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    4545You can observe the states of all jobs in the ''"States"'' tab. It shows a gantt-chart of your jobs. This is very helpful to get a quick overview of the runtimes of all jobs: \\ [[Image(JobStates.png, width=700)]]
     47== Experiment Sharing ==
     48Experiments can be shared with Full or Read permissions. To do so, go to the ''Sharing'' tab and hit refresh. You will see the list of already granted permissions (empty at first -- the owner always has full permissions). Click add and enter the username of who you want to share with as well as the desired permission. After saving the permission, the other user will see that experiment in his experiment-list. Permissions can only be added to experiments which are already uploaded. Permission include the following actions:
     50 * Read: Download experiment, view jobs
     51 * Full: Control experiment and jobs, delete experiment, grant permissions to other users
     53\\ [[Image(Permissions.png, width=700)]]
     55== Statistics ==
     56To observe the current status and the workload there is a website which shows this information:
    4758== Merging configuration files ==
    4859If you are building the trunk or your own HL-solution, the build-process will most likely overwrite ''"HeuristicLab 3.3.exe.config"'' in the target folder. This will overwrite all the Hive-specific configuration. To avoid this, you can use the ConfigMerger to merge the Hive-specific configurations in your own build-process: