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    5050 * Use the SQL Server Management Studio to create a new login for the `NETWORK SERVICE` group (in Object Explorer: Security -> Logins -> right click (New Login...)). Next you have to add the login to the two created `HeuristicLab` databases (`HeuristicLab.Hive-3.3`, `HeuristicLab.Authentication`) in the `Users` section (in Object Explorer: Databases -> HeuristicLab.* -> Security -> Users -> right click (New User...)).
     52== Install the Janitor Service ==
     53There are some tasks on the server which have to be executed periodically. Previously this logic was executed with the heartbeats that the slaves sent. Because this lead to performance problems there is now an own windows service with an installer. Simply copy the  !HeuristicLab.Services.Hive.!JanitorServiceSetup-3.3.msi file to your server and install it.
    5356== Problems and solutions ==
    7174== How to update Hive server ==
    7275Updating the server is as simple as copying the new binaries into the ''"/bin"'' folder of the website. Of course changes to the database need to be done accordingly. It is no problem if there are slaves calculating during the update if it takes only a few seconds. If the update lasts longer than one minute (''"!SlaveHeartbeatTimeout"'') the slaves will be identified to be timed out as the server goes online again and their jobs will be lost.
     78== Changing the URL of the Hive server ==
     79The default URL for Hive is If you are building your own Hive server, you need to change this URL as well as the certificate string in all configuration files. This has to be done for
     80* the server in the Web.config
     81* for the !HeuristicLab.Clients.Hive-3.3 project in the app.config (client endpoint)
     82* and the !HeuristicLab.Clients.Hive.Slave-3.3 project in the app.config (client endpoint)
     84After this change you have to recompile everything. The slave as well as the Job Manager and Administrator should now connect to your Hive server.