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Changes between Version 6 and Version 7 of Documentation/Howto/Implement Genetic Programming Problems

01/07/15 09:37:54 (9 years ago)

removed link to GPDL because this feature is not yet integrated into the trunk


  • Documentation/Howto/Implement Genetic Programming Problems

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    22= How-to Implement Custom Genetic Programming Problems =
    4 ** Update August 2013: We now have a much //more convenient method// to define custom GP problems using [[Documentation/Reference/GPDL|GPDL (GP problem definition language)]].\\
    5 This page explains how to implement a GP problem completely from scratch, which was necessary before we implemented GPDL.**
    74This how-to describes how you can implement your own plug-in to solve custom problems with genetic programming. GP is a very general evolutionary problem solving method and can be used to find solutions for a large number of different problems. The default installation of !HeuristicLab includes plug-ins for solving symbolic regression (and classification) problems and the artificial ant problems with genetic programming. However, if you want to use GP to solve other kinds of problems it is necessary to write a little bit of code for your own problem plug-in. This can be a little intriguing at first because the !HeuristicLab source code is already very extensive and especially the implementation of the symbolic data analysis features includes so many extensions that it cannot be really used as a template for custom implementations. The source code for the artificial ant problem is much easier to understand and includes everything that is necessary for custom implementations of problems for genetic programming.