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Development Center

Roadmap and Tickets

The roadmap shows the state of tickets for the next release as well as the backlog. Use the ticket query link if you want to view and filter tickets.


Large software projects don't work without adhering to coding standards and relying on best practices. Code reviews are an essential part of our process.

Extending HeuristicLab

  • Quickstart? - your guide into how to download and build the sources and how to write your first plugin.
  • Outdated guides:
    • DevelopersManual
    • CreatingPlugins
    • PluginManagerConsole
    • PersistenceQuickStart
    • DevelopersCodeSnippets
    • DebugEngine

Architecture of HeuristicLab

  • Architecture
  • Springer Book Chapter
  • Selection
  • OperatorsChildrenCreator
  • MoveOperators
  • ParameterTypes