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    33 * Obtaining the source
    44 * Building HeuristicLab
    5  * Create your own plugin
     5 * Creating your own plugin
     6 * For the experienced
     8== Obtaining the source ==
     9Here we will use the sources of the current stable build. The advantage is that these can be built without any prerequisites. You only require a current version of Visual Studio or SharpDevelop and the .NET framework.
     11 * Download the latest stable branch sources: [[| Source zip]].
     13For the sake of simplicity I will assume that you unpack the archive into the folder HeuristicLab\stable on your hard drive. The HeuristicLab folder will be called //HeuristicLab Root//, likewise we'll call the stable folder //Stable Root//.
     15== For the experienced ==
     16At some point it might be beneficial for you to build against the code in our SVN repositories. The advantage is that you can update it and get new features as we release them. Also you will get notice of breaking changes to our API earlier. You'll have to install [[|Tortoise SVN]] because the build process makes use of one of its tools (SubWCRev).
     18 * Check out the SVN repository of the stable branch at `​`.