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14:49 Changeset [18134] by dpiringe


  • added a new information box for StructureTemplate in StructureTemplateView with an extended description about structure templates
14:47 Changeset [18133] by dpiringe


  • updated interpeters of type ISymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeInterpreter to support symbols of type SubFunctionSymbol
11:50 Changeset [18132] by gkronber

#3140: merged r18091:18131 from branch to trunk

11:46 Changeset [18131] by gkronber

#3140: fixed results for ShapeConstrainedRegressionSampleTest

11:36 Changeset [18130] by gkronber

#3140 fixed a problem in the DerivativeCalculator for powers with constant exponents

11:35 Changeset [18129] by gkronber

#3140: updated grammars again to use number instead of constant (fixing a bug I introduced earlier) and updated samples again.

11:02 Changeset [18128] by gkronber

#3140: updated GP samples

11:02 Changeset [18127] by gkronber

#3140: added unit test to create sample for GP - Shape-constrained SymReg

10:52 Changeset [18126] by gkronber

#3140: various smaller changes in unit tests

10:41 Changeset [18125] by chaider


  • Fixed adding constants to foldedNodes
10:37 Changeset [18124] by gkronber

#3140: fixed handling of numbers in BatchInterpreter

10:34 Changeset [18123] by gkronber

#3140: fixed parsing of Numbers in SymbolicExpressionImporter

09:59 Changeset [18122] by mkommend

#3139: Deleted branch for parameter changes of SymbolicExpressionTreeLengthAnalyzer.

09:58 Changeset [18121] by gkronber

#3140: enable number instead of constant for default configurations in TypeCoherentExpressionGrammar

09:53 Changeset [18120] by gkronber

#3140: fix unit test for symbolic derivative

09:44 Changeset [18119] by gkronber

#3140: fix compilation errors in test solution

08:59 Changeset [18118] by chaider


  • Changed to set value of Constant symbol instead direct of ConstantTreeNode in InfixExpressionParser


14:37 Changeset [18117] by chaider

#3140 merged trunk to branch

14:31 Changeset [18116] by chaider


  • Added description for <num> and constants in NLR structure definition
  • Set constant symbol as disabled in all grammars


17:49 Changeset [18115] by gkronber

#3140: made several more changes for the constant -> number branch

10:25 Changeset [18114] by gkronber

#3140: made several more changes while reviewing the branch.

08:52 Ticket #3142 (SymReg functionality to remove for HeuristicLab 4.0) created by gkronber
HeuristicLab provides several features for Genetic Programming / …


21:49 Ticket #2969 (RunCollection view for runs with regression solutions that extracts ...) closed by chaider


12:26 Changeset [18113] by chaider


  • Refactored ConstantOptimization ==> ParameterOptimization


14:28 Changeset [18112] by chaider


  • Adding INumericSymbol and INumericTreeNode
  • Using the new interfaces inside of interpreters and formatters
  • Renaming Num to Number, RealConstant to Constant
  • More classes refactored
07:20 Changeset [18111] by gkronber

#3073 fix exception when no variableRanges are given in the ctor for ShapeConstrainedRegressionProblemData


19:30 Changeset [18110] by gkronber

#3073 fix syntax problem for C# 7.0

18:36 Changeset [18109] by gkronber

#3017: QAP.Views project called SubWCRev explicitly even though it is already called in PreBuildEvent. Probably has been introduced in a search/replace operation.

18:34 Changeset [18108] by gkronber

#3073 actually use variable ranges specified in the constructor

15:37 Changeset [18107] by gkronber

#3073 changed ProblemData loading of IShapeConstrainedRegressionProblems to make sure we can also load ShapeConstrainedRegressionProblemData objects correctly without losing shape constraints

12:57 Changeset [18106] by gkronber

#3075 changed noise levels for Feynman instances (noise lvl=1 is not useful for the new calculation style)


16:01 Changeset [18105] by dpiringe


  • merged branch back into trunk
13:46 Changeset [18104] by dpiringe


  • overrode the method GetActualValue in ValueLookupParameter to get the default value when the execution context is null
  • reverted the linear scaling logic for NMSESingleObjectiveConstraintsEvaluator
  • in SymbolicRegressionConstantOptimizationEvaluator: removed the usage of GenerateRowsToEvaluate because it uses lookup parameters
  • set the value of RelativeNumberOfEvaluatedSamplesParameter for SymbolicRegressionConstantOptimizationEvaluator in StructuredSymbolicRegressionSingleObjectiveProblem if Maximization = true and the SymbolicRegressionConstantOptimizationEvaluator is configured as evaluator
  • added the SubFunctionSymbol in TreeToAutoDiffTermConverter


17:23 Changeset [18103] by dpiringe


  • refactor the evaluation logic of NMSESingleObjectiveConstraintsEvaluator
  • refactor the new method Evaluate for PearsonRSquaredAverageSimilarityEvaluator
  • change the parameter order of some evaluate/calculate methods
17:04 Changeset [18102] by dpiringe


  • split if statement for tree length parameter to allow the possiblity to add the parameter (without removal)
  • change the if statement structure of UpdateCounterParameter to be consistent


14:19 Changeset [18101] by dpiringe


  • recreated problem instance Asdzadeh1 as SheetBendingProcess
  • SheetBendingProcess is located in Physics and provided by Physics/PhysicsInstanceProvider
13:40 Changeset [18100] by chaider


  • some more refactoring
  • added possibility to set value of num nodes in infix parser
  • changed displaying style of number
10:43 Changeset [18099] by dpiringe


  • set the default template to f(_) when loading a new problem data
  • fixed a bug which caused the drawing of uncolored SubFunctionTreeNodes after using the window splitter
  • implemented a method to paint nodes of SubFunctionTreeNode as colored nodes for ISymbolicDataAnalysisModel
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09:02 Changeset [18098] by pfleck

#3040 Added support for multi-row data for SOP instances where the segment aggregation results are averaged over multiple rows.

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.