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09:40 Ticket #3125 (ErrorCharacteristicsCurveView cannot be displayed if baseline ...) closed by gkronber
09:40 Ticket #3115 (Method IsSolutionCompatible in PartialDependencePlotView is slow for ...) closed by gkronber
09:40 Ticket #3039 (BTC (Balanced Tree Creator) for HeuristicLab) closed by gkronber
09:37 Changeset [18053] by gkronber

#3135 added a new analyzer which allows to configure the solution result name, and renamed and marked the existing SolutionRSquaredAnalyzer as obsolete.

08:51 Ticket #3135 (SymbolicRegressionSolutionsAnalyzer should allow to collect other ...) created by gkronber
Currently, the extraction of R² for training and test is hard-coded. …


15:20 Changeset [18052] by chaider

#3134 Moved RunCollectionPartialDependencePlotView to DataAnalysis.Views

14:44 Changeset [18051] by chaider

#3134 Added RunCollectionPartialDependencePlotView and changed UpdateAllSeriesDataAsync method in PartialDependencePlot to await all updates from the given enumeration

14:38 Ticket #3134 (RunCollection PDP) created by chaider
Add a view, which shows the partial dependence plots from each run in …


15:53 Changeset [18050] by dpiringe


  • added a new protected virtual property in CheckedItemListView to be able to change the text of the groupBox
  • removed event handling in ResultCollectionPostProcessorControl and overwrote the new property GroupBoxText
  • added a new section in ExportJsonDialog for result collection processors
  • renamed IResultCollectionPostProcessor to IResultCollectionProcessor + all connected classes
  • added/changed the workflow of ResultCollectionProcessors in JsonTemplateGenerator and JsonTemplateInstantiator
    • also changed Constants.cs -> added a new section in template ResultCollectionProcessorItems
15:52 Changeset [18049] by swagner

reverted r18048

15:49 Changeset [18048] by swagner

test commit to check SVN error


16:16 Changeset [18047] by dpiringe


  • created a new ui control for post processors called ResultCollectionPostProcessorControl based on CheckedItemListView
    • the reason is the text property of itemsGroupBox -> now it displays Post Processors instead of Items
  • integrated the new control in ExportJsonDialog


16:42 Changeset [18046] by dpiringe


  • added a first version of a new feature called ResultCollectionPostProcessors, which should transform/process the results of an optimizer run
    • created a new interface IResultCollectionPostProcessor
    • created a new class SymRegPythonPostProcessor, which formats all ISymbolicRegressionSolution with the usage of the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionPythonFormatter
    • changed the generation and instantiation of templates to handle this new feature
    • the template files contains a new area PostProcessors
    • added functionality in Runner to use these new type of result processing
    • added a new tab in ExportJsonDialog to configure PostProcessors


15:43 Changeset [18045] by dpiringe


  • code cleanup
  • fixed a bug in ValueParameterConverter which prevented successful injection
  • changed error handling in method Main.HeadlessRun and Runner.Run
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