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19:05 Changeset [17977] by gkronber

#3113 merged r17873 from trunk to stable

19:04 Ticket #3067 (Crossover probability for SubtreeCrossover) closed by gkronber
16:16 Changeset [17976] by mkommend

#3125: Added error handling to ECC View and minor code improvements.

16:14 Ticket #3125 (ErrorCharacteristicsCurveView cannot be displayed if baseline ...) created by mkommend
If the constant or linear regression cannot be calculated, for example …
12:14 Changeset [17975] by gkronber

#3067: merged r17490:17492 and r17871:17872 from trunk to stable

11:14 Ticket #3124 (Support for log-scaled axes for partial dependence plots) created by gkronber
09:56 Ticket #3123 (Allow to add new solutions to ...) created by gkronber


14:32 Changeset [17974] by chaider

#3075 Fixed refactor issue for feynman1

14:29 Changeset [17973] by chaider


  • Added target without noise to noisy instances
  • Moved noise calculation to descriptor


18:01 Changeset [17972] by gkronber

#3106: minor changes to alg but no big improvement

17:12 Changeset [17971] by gkronber

#3106: first implementation of the algorithm as described in the paper

12:18 Changeset [17970] by gkronber

#3106 merged r17856:17969 from trunk to branch


14:27 Changeset [17969] by mkommend

#3075: Correct project file for HL.Problems.Instances.DataAnalysis.

12:26 Changeset [17968] by chaider

#3073 Added different values in test case for x64/86 environments

12:05 Changeset [17967] by mkommend

#3075: Add GlobalSuppression file to HL.Problems.DataAnalysis.Instances to prevent persistence analyzer messages about missing StorableTypeAttributes.

11:31 Changeset [17966] by mkommend

#3075: Changed Feynman problem instances to new normal distributed RNG.


10:41 Changeset [17965] by chaider

#3073 Added constraints for ShapeConstraintsSampleTest and fixed values

10:40 Changeset [17964] by chaider

#3073 Added sample on start page and default problem in shape constrained regression problem data


18:30 Ticket #3122 (Saving C# scripts in HL should produce a .cs file additionally to the ...) created by gkronber
18:26 Changeset [17963] by gkronber

#3121: support integer powers in interval arithmetic (and two simplification rules)

18:00 Changeset [17962] by gkronber

#3120: create two separate results for Gini coefficients (one based on class values and one based on the discriminant function)

17:58 Ticket #3121 (Exception in IntervalArithmeticEvaluator when using Square or Cube symbols) created by gkronber
Cause: We evaluate intervals for partial derivatives for symbolic …
16:57 Changeset [17961] by gkronber

#3073: propagate variableRanges from ShapeConstrainedRegressionProblemData to RegressionProblemData

16:30 Changeset [17960] by gkronber

#3073: moved files

08:25 Ticket #3120 (Gini index is calculated based on class values and on discriminant ...) created by gkronber
This can lead to inconsistent results because the result can show …


15:30 Changeset [17959] by gkronber

#3073: added missing file

14:59 Changeset [17958] by gkronber

#3073: refactoring ShapeConstrainedRegressionProblem as discussed with MKo and CHa

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