20:20 Changeset [17470] by jkarder

#3063: removed useless code

20:14 Ticket #3063 (Remove dead / useless code in Hive) created by jkarder
20:10 Ticket #3062 (Hive janitor does not properly clean up / generate statistics) created by jkarder
On the one hand, some queries executed by the janitor time out. On the …


12:35 Changeset [17469] by pfleck

#3040 Added TensorFlow.NET library for constant optimization with vectors (as alternative to AutoDiff+Alglib).


15:42 Ticket #3060 (Exceptions thrown in IOptimizer.StartAsync are sometimes unhandled) closed by jkarder
done: r17468: merged r17445 into stable
15:42 Changeset [17468] by jkarder

#3060: merged r17445 into stable

12:00 Changeset [17467] by pfleck

#3040 Added a "final aggregation" option for the vector interpreter in case the result is a vector.

08:32 Changeset [17466] by pfleck

#3040 Added separate mean symbol instead of reusing the average symbol.


16:35 Changeset [17465] by pfleck

#3040 Simplified default vector grammar.

15:53 Changeset [17464] by dpiringe


  • Runner now uses SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionMATLABFormatter to save instances of ISymbolicRegressionSolution
  • refactored user controls for detail view of json items, now they do not inherit from JsonItemBaseControl -> JsonItemBaseControl uses now an extra control
    • this change was made for fluid repositioning of controls (e.g. when no ActualName is present)
15:04 Changeset [17463] by pfleck

#3040 Added type coherent vector grammar to enforce that the root symbol is a scalar.


16:26 Changeset [17462] by abeham

#2521: worked on JSSP

16:23 Changeset [17461] by abeham

#2521: worked on scheduling problem

14:55 Changeset [17460] by pfleck


  • Added full functional grammar for vectors.
  • Added sum and mean aggregation for vectors.
11:52 Changeset [17459] by mkommend

#2521: Added storable type attributes to interfaces.

11:01 Changeset [17458] by mkommend

#3061: Corrected typo in SimpleSymbolicExpressionTreeGrammar.AddSymbols (maximiumArity -> maximumArity).

10:56 Changeset [17457] by mkommend

#2521: Merged trunk changes from 15684-HEAD into the branch.

10:43 Changeset [17456] by pfleck

#3040 Merged trunk to branch

10:31 Changeset [17455] by pfleck

#3040 Added separate Interpreter for vector that reuse the existing symbols instead of creating explicit vector symbols.


13:23 Changeset [17454] by dpiringe


  • fixed a type conversion bug in RangeVM
  • implemented logic for JsonItemRangeControl
12:58 Changeset [17453] by dpiringe


  • the runs of an optimizer gets cleared before starting it in HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.App.Runner now
  • all runs of an optimizer gets cleared when exporting it with ExportJsonDialog
  • fixed a bug in CommandLineArgumentHandling: now always returns a StringArgument when all conditions are false
09:32 Changeset [17452] by pfleck

#3040 Improved Persistence for Vectors (removed the generic transformer and used the existing array transformer instead).


17:18 Changeset [17451] by dpiringe


  • renamed ResultItem to ResultJsonItem
  • implemented RegressionProblemDataConverter
  • added support for "named matrices" (named = rows and columns have names) -> INamedMatrixJsonItem incl. base classes and views
  • added a bool property Active in IJsonItem -> marks items, which should be written into the template
16:52 Ticket #3061 (Typo in parameter name for SimpleSymbolicExpressionTreeGrammar.AddSymbols) created by gkronber
15:56 Changeset [17450] by fholzing

#3019: Copied and adapted Pareto Front Analysis functionality from SymbolicRegressionMultiObjectiveTrainingBestSolutionAnalyzer to SymbolicClassificationMultiObjectiveTrainingBestSolutionAnalyzer

15:33 Changeset [17449] by pfleck

#3040 Added Transformers for Vectors.
Added specialiced Transformers for double Dense/SparseVectorStorage and a generic mapper for the remaining (serializable) types.

07:41 Changeset [17448] by pfleck

#3040 Replaced own Vector with MathNet.Numerics Vector.


13:09 Changeset [17447] by pfleck

#3040 Added TransportPlugin for MathNet.Numerics.

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