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16:26 Changeset [17462] by abeham

#2521: worked on JSSP

16:23 Changeset [17461] by abeham

#2521: worked on scheduling problem

14:55 Changeset [17460] by pfleck


  • Added full functional grammar for vectors.
  • Added sum and mean aggregation for vectors.
11:52 Changeset [17459] by mkommend

#2521: Added storable type attributes to interfaces.

11:01 Changeset [17458] by mkommend

#3061: Corrected typo in SimpleSymbolicExpressionTreeGrammar.AddSymbols (maximiumArity -> maximumArity).

10:56 Changeset [17457] by mkommend

#2521: Merged trunk changes from 15684-HEAD into the branch.

10:43 Changeset [17456] by pfleck

#3040 Merged trunk to branch

10:31 Changeset [17455] by pfleck

#3040 Added separate Interpreter for vector that reuse the existing symbols instead of creating explicit vector symbols.


13:23 Changeset [17454] by dpiringe


  • fixed a type conversion bug in RangeVM
  • implemented logic for JsonItemRangeControl
12:58 Changeset [17453] by dpiringe


  • the runs of an optimizer gets cleared before starting it in HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.App.Runner now
  • all runs of an optimizer gets cleared when exporting it with ExportJsonDialog
  • fixed a bug in CommandLineArgumentHandling: now always returns a StringArgument when all conditions are false
09:32 Changeset [17452] by pfleck

#3040 Improved Persistence for Vectors (removed the generic transformer and used the existing array transformer instead).


17:18 Changeset [17451] by dpiringe


  • renamed ResultItem to ResultJsonItem
  • implemented RegressionProblemDataConverter
  • added support for "named matrices" (named = rows and columns have names) -> INamedMatrixJsonItem incl. base classes and views
  • added a bool property Active in IJsonItem -> marks items, which should be written into the template
16:52 Ticket #3061 (Typo in parameter name for SimpleSymbolicExpressionTreeGrammar.AddSymbols) created by gkronber
15:56 Changeset [17450] by fholzing

#3019: Copied and adapted Pareto Front Analysis functionality from SymbolicRegressionMultiObjectiveTrainingBestSolutionAnalyzer to SymbolicClassificationMultiObjectiveTrainingBestSolutionAnalyzer

15:33 Changeset [17449] by pfleck

#3040 Added Transformers for Vectors.
Added specialiced Transformers for double Dense/SparseVectorStorage and a generic mapper for the remaining (serializable) types.

07:41 Changeset [17448] by pfleck

#3040 Replaced own Vector with MathNet.Numerics Vector.


13:09 Changeset [17447] by pfleck

#3040 Added TransportPlugin for MathNet.Numerics.


16:58 Changeset [17446] by dpiringe


  • made interfaces for array/matrix JsonItems and for their VMs aswell (IArrayJsonItem, IArrayJsonItemVM, IMatrixJsonItem, IMatrixJsonItemVM), incl. base classes (ArrayJsonItemBase, ArrayValueVM, MatrixJsonItemBase, MatrixValueVM)
  • changed inheritance structure for already existing array/matrix JsonItems -> they inherit now from new base array/matrix base classes
  • added input elements to configure the size of an matrix or array in JsonItemMultiValueControl (incl. VM binding and validation)
  • splitted file JsonItems.cs into separate files for their corresponding types (IntJsonItems.cs, DoubleJsonItems.cs, BoolJsonItems.cs, StringJsonItem.cs, DateTimeJsonItem.cs)
  • changed location of deserialization of json values from JsonTemplateInstantiator into IJsonItem (implemented in JsonItem and set to virtual, overridden in MatrixJsonItemBase and ArrayJsonItemBase)
  • added new CLI argument StringArgument
  • some little UI improvements (location fixes, anchor fixes, ...)


13:50 Changeset [17445] by jkarder

#3060: catch unhandled exceptions thrown by IOptimizer.StartAsync()

12:51 Ticket #3060 (Exceptions thrown in IOptimizer.StartAsync are sometimes unhandled) created by bwerth
Some views and ItemTasks do not catch exceptions that occur during …
12:50 Ticket #3059 (Disallow upload of Hive jobs with unprepared algorithms) created by jkarder
Currently, it is possible to upload algorithms in Stopped state, …


16:28 Changeset [17444] by dpiringe


  • added two new methods in IJsonItem -> FixatePath and LoosenPath to fixate/loosen the path (to enable name changing without effects on path)
  • set IsInRange to virtual and made overrides for IntMatrixJsonItem and DoubleMatrixJsonItem (IsInRange is a bad name and needs to be renamed in future versions)
  • implemented basic validation feedback with ErrorProvider for some inputs (templateName, Name, Range)
  • now all items gets validated before export (validation errors are shown with ErrorHandling.ShowErrorDialog)
  • added a check in AlgorithmConverter to prevent an exception for accessing the first element of an empty IEnumerable
14:39 Changeset [17443] by dpiringe


  • added support for string values without range limitation (dropdown gets automatically replaced by textbox)
  • fixed a UI bug for JsonItemValidValuesControl -> now the control resizes correctly
  • fixed a bug in AlgorithmConverter -> now it searches for the ItemName (instead of Name) in method Inject
  • fixed a bug in StringValueConverter -> now it sets the correct name
13:03 Ticket #3058 (Speed of symbolic regression evaluators) created by bburlacu
There is a big difference between the speed of the tree interpreter …


17:29 Changeset [17442] by dpiringe


  • added new CLI argument StringArgument
  • removed unnecessary check in StartArgument
  • changed output format from simple .txt to .json in HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.App.Runner
  • user has to enter output path now when executing JsonInterface on console
17:17 Changeset [17441] by bburlacu

#3039: Fix compilation error.

16:30 Changeset [17440] by kyang

#3055: Fixed the bug of "no reference point" on real-world test problems

15:13 Changeset [17439] by dpiringe


  • fixed a bug in HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.App -> now the Runner checks if the instantiated optimizer is an EngineAlgorithm, if true: Engine = SequentialEngine (engine can be configured in later versions)
  • added a TabControl in ExportJsonDialog for parameters and results
  • updated parameter tree view with checkboxes (and linked them with VM)
  • renamed ActivatedResults to Results for templates
  • fixed a bug with injection of operators in MultiCheckedOperatorConverter -> now operators of an ValueParameter get set correctly
  • updated MultiCheckedOperatorConverter to extract/inject parameters of operators
  • fixed bug with path for template -> removed usage of method Path.GetDirectoryName, returned wrong results
  • splitted cache for JsonItemConverter into a cache for injection and extraction
  • JsonTemplateInstantiator now uses first item in objects array instead of searching for an object with template name
13:38 Changeset [17438] by kyang

#3057 The first draft of Dynamic ALPS with SMS-EMOA by using a main-loop structure.

13:29 Ticket #3057 (DynamicALPS(main-loop)) created by kyang
A main-loop version of ALPS on HL
13:27 Ticket #3056 (DynamicALPS(main-loop)) created by kyang
A main-loop version of ALPS.
10:18 Changeset [17437] by bburlacu

#3039: Refactor code and fix bug in sampling random child symbols from the grammar.

09:29 Changeset [17436] by dpiringe


  • removed unnecessary code in FileManager
  • updated ExportJsonDialog and Testprogram (Heuristiclab.ConfigStarter/Program.cs) to use the new GenerateTemplate method
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