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15:09 Ticket #3049 (Support memetic optimization of symbolic regression models with ...) created by gkronber


17:19 Changeset [17395] by dpiringe


  • moved from usage of IAlgorithm to IOptimizer (in JCGenerator and JsonTemplateInstantiator)
  • added new converter: AlgorithmConverter
16:25 Changeset [17394] by dpiringe


  • deleted: ConvertableAttribute, DummyConverter, ObjectExtensions
  • renamed: CustomJsonWriter -> SingleLineArrayJsonWriter, JCInstantiator -> JsonTemplateInstantiator
  • added: JsonItemConverterFactory, UnsupportedJsonItem
  • IJsonItemConverter:
    • added two new properties: Priority and ConvertableType -> because converters are automatically collected by plugin infrastructure now
    • Extract, Inject references a root converter now -> typically an instance of JsonItemConverter -> to prevent cycles
  • JsonItemConverter:
    • now implements the interface IJsonItemConverter
    • is now a dynamic class
    • is only instantiable with an factory (JsonItemConverterFactory)
    • still has the old (but now public) static methods Extract and Inject (without ref param IJsonItemConverter root) -> creates instance with factory and calls methods of instance
    • removed register and unregister methods, because the factory collects all converters automatically now (on first call of Create)
    • has cycle detection for Extract and Inject
    • renamed method Get to GetConverter
11:47 Ticket #3048 (ContextAware and DeterministicBest crossovers fail for multi-objective ...) created by bburlacu
These crossover operators expect to use a single-objective evaluator …


18:54 Ticket #3047 (Entry of valid values into parameters causes a bell-sound when ...) created by gkronber
Reproduce: - Open GA-TSP sample - Change population size to 200. - …
18:47 Ticket #3046 (Changing a symbolic regression problem instance takes a long time when ...) created by gkronber
The view for grammars shows a tree-view of all symbols and is updated …


18:59 Changeset [17393] by gkronber

#2974: fix typos in comments

17:58 Changeset [17392] by gkronber

#2974: merged r17344:17351 from trunk to branch

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