14:50 Changeset [17350] by chaider


  • Added IsAlmost method with an epsilon parameter
  • Added check for floating point issues at interval constructor
  • Updated absolute operator (jump over zero between lower and upper bound)
  • Updated analytical quotient to use already implemented operators to build it
  • Updated test cases for operators
  • Refactored test method names


11:36 Changeset [17349] by dpiringe


  • added ConvertableAttribute, a new attribute for classes/structs (usage: convertable with JsonInterface)
  • changed JCGenerator -> is now a static class with one public static method Instantiate
  • changed JCInstantiator -> is now a static class with one public static method GenerateTemplate
  • refactored JsonItem


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14:40 Changeset [17348] by chaider

#3032 Added analytical quotient for intervals


14:53 Changeset [17347] by bburlacu

#3039: Enable construction of subtrees from an arbitrary root node. Introduce IrregularityBias parameter as a means to bias tree initialization towards less balanced/regular shapes.

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