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18:42 Changeset [15437] by gkronber

#2796 comments, simplifications, reviewed tests for structure enumeration (not working)

16:19 Changeset [15436] by gkronber

#2789: added parameter properties to GAM

11:16 Ticket #2843 (Changing of ProblemData for DataAnalysisSolution does not work as expected) closed by mkommend
done: r15434: Merged r15396 into stable. (r15393 was merged accidentally, …
11:14 Changeset [15435] by mkommend

#2843: Merged r15395 into stable.

11:12 Changeset [15434] by mkommend

#2843: Merged r15393, r15396 into stable.

11:10 Changeset [15433] by gkronber

#2789 added the possibility to include interaction terms in GAM


13:53 Changeset [15432] by pfleck

#2849: AlpsOs2 with a ContinuousMatingPoolCreator

13:22 Ticket #2851 (IStringConvertibleMatrix should derive from IItem) created by abeham
It only derives from IContent and thus cannot be used as e.g. …
12:38 Changeset [15431] by pfleck

#2809: Removed experimental static-typed datacolumns. (reverse merge g15291, r15309)


13:28 Changeset [15430] by bwerth

#2847 first implementation of M5'-regression

08:26 Ticket #2850 (Extend tSNE with relevance weights) created by bwerth
The original tSNE uses all inputs dimensions equally. This decreases …


15:48 Changeset [15429] by pfleck

#2849 created branch and branched plugin

13:57 Ticket #2849 (Enhanced OS-ALPS Strategies) created by pfleck
Combining OS with ALPS still has a lot of potential aspects that are …
12:37 Changeset [15428] by bwerth

#2847 created initial branch


17:39 Changeset [15427] by bburlacu

#2848: Factor out functionality into static methods inside DatasetUtil.cs and adjust menu item code.

17:18 Changeset [15426] by gkronber

#2796 testing interaction heuristics

16:33 Ticket #2848 (Extract functionality to remove duplicate datasets into separate class) created by bburlacu
The functionality currently present in the …
15:43 Ticket #2847 (Implement M5'-(Meta-)-Regression) created by bwerth
M5' regression can provide tree based and rule based regression models …
12:38 Changeset [15425] by gkronber

#2796 made several changes for debugging


10:54 Changeset [15424] by rhanghof


  • Added some comments and regions to the source code
  • Addes reference instance files created by the test algoritm of S. Martello, D. Pisinger, D. Vigo


13:52 Changeset [15423] by rhanghof

#2817: - Now the new RandomInstanceProvider creates the same instances as in the specification given by Martello, Pisinger and Vigo.

  • Now the unit tests are testing the new RandomInstanceProvider.
13:44 Changeset [15422] by jkarder

#2839: worked on resources and projects views

13:13 Changeset [15421] by bburlacu

#2288: Sync with trunk + Minor refactor.

09:56 Changeset [15420] by gkronber

#2796: debugging


15:25 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/Compile HeuristicLab under Linux edited by jkarder
14:21 Changeset [15419] by pfleck

#2846: Fixed uncaught ObjectDisposedException in HiveJobManagerView.

  • Caught a potential NullReferenceException in the HiveClient when ClearHiveClient is called asynchronous.
  • Use Task.Run for HiveClient.Refresh instead of Begin/EndInvoke.
  • Use await with try-catch to marshal back any uncaught exceptions back to the UI-thread where the exception is displayed instead of HL crashing.
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