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18:20 Changeset [15364] by gkronber

#2789 experimenting with GAMs and Splines

09:56 Changeset [15363] by jkarder

#2640: updated hl download images


07:58 Changeset [15362] by gkronber

#2789 testing Math.Numerics splines


17:04 Changeset [15361] by jkarder


  • switched to DNS identities
  • updated service client generation cmds
17:03 Ticket #2835 (Check service identity using the certificate's DNS/SN instead of the ...) created by jkarder
Some endpoints are identified using a Base64-encoded certificate. When …
08:14 Changeset [15360] by gkronber

#2796 added collection of Pareto-optimal solutions


18:01 Changeset [15359] by gkronber

#2796 added files to allow building the branch


19:09 Ticket #2834 (GUI might freeze when downloading multiple Hive jobs concurrently) created by gkronber
I ran into what seems to be a GUI deadlock today while I was …
13:36 Changeset [15358] by jkarder

#2833: fixed condition in HiveService.UpdateTaskState

13:34 Ticket #2833 (Hive service does not reschedule tasks) created by jkarder
A slave pauses a task for three reasons: * A user requests to pause …


14:51 Changeset [15357] by abeham

#2824: Removed the installation manager tests from the tests project

10:52 Ticket #2832 (Explicitly differ between continuous and marquee Progress) created by pfleck
Currently, the ProgressView displays a continuous progress for …
10:41 Changeset [15356] by pfleck

#1666 Added a delay for hiding the progress bar to avoid closing the progress during animation.


17:15 Ticket #2821 (Remove Creators-Update-Info in ChangeNestingLevelDialog) closed by mkommend
done: r15355: Merged r15326 into stable.
17:15 Changeset [15355] by mkommend

#2821: Merged r15326 into stable.

17:09 Changeset [15354] by mkommend

#1666: Changed delegate creation in constant optimization.

15:32 Changeset [15353] by pfleck


  • Changed Progress interface (single parameterless ctor, overloads for Start-method).
  • Passed Impact-Calculator per ctor argument instead of virtual properties.
  • Created virtual OptimizeConstants-method instead of making the button-click event-handler virtual.
08:22 Changeset [15352] by gkronber

#2789 testing alglib RBF and splines


20:51 Changeset [15351] by bburlacu

#1772: Merge trunk changes, add a couple of convenience parameters to the SchemaCreator.

11:13 Changeset [15350] by bburlacu

#2829: JobTaskOneFileDownloader: Check for exception and add sleep timeout in log update loop.

10:33 Changeset [15349] by gkronber

#2789 installed correct version of FSharp.Core package for DiffSharp

10:13 Changeset [15348] by gkronber

#2789 worked on NLR with constraints

10:07 Changeset [15347] by bburlacu

#2829: Adapt the JobTaskOneFileDownloader to save an experiment instead of a run collection.


16:13 Download edited by jkarder
16:13 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by jkarder
12:46 Changeset [15346] by bburlacu

#2829: List hive jobs when the window is opened.


15:09 Ticket #2831 (Breakpoints in ParallelEngine can cause unexpected behavior) created by pfleck
The ParallelEngine does not correctly reschedule operations after …
14:19 Ticket #2830 (Uncought Exceptions in IOptimizers get lost) created by pfleck
Because the Task of IOptimizer.StartAsync() is not awaited in …
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