17:00 Changeset [15037] by pfleck

#2709 added license region (got deleted somehow)

16:56 Changeset [15036] by pfleck


  • Used title for showing variable name in the histogram instead of the legend. Legend is now used for grouping only.
  • Fixed Variables/Datarows in StatisticsView (were switched).
  • Improved the "Warning Dialog" for the MultiScatterPlot when too many variables might be shown.
    • Option for checking "None".
    • Show the dialog before the charts are calculated internally.
10:16 DataPreprocessingIdeas edited by mkommend


13:36 Changeset [15035] by gkronber

#2520: made some changes related to renaming of storable members

11:32 Changeset [15034] by gkronber

#2520: improved conversions


15:40 Changeset [15033] by pkimmesw

#2665 Added missing files


14:11 Changeset [15032] by pkimmesw

#2665 Fixed bias 0 issue, PushExpressionFrequencyAnalyzer, Fixed probability for ERC settings, Fixed enable/disable instructions, Added expression descriptions


23:19 Changeset [15031] by abeham

#2457: worked on code for eurocast paper


17:02 Changeset [15030] by jzenisek

#2719 merged with trunk (revision 15029)

11:43 Changeset [15029] by bburlacu

#2794: Improve centering and add padding. The padding is handled by the SymbolicExpressionTreeChart which asks the layout engine to layout the tree in the remaining area (minus the padding).

11:37 Ticket #2794 (Pad and center tree chart & layout) created by bburlacu
The layout produced by the Reingold-Tilford engine for symbolic …


14:12 Changeset [15028] by pfleck

#2709 Changed access modifier of some controls to prevent the designer to generate code that can break the layout.


14:35 Changeset [15027] by pfleck

#2709 Fixed an issue with empty charts.

11:18 Ticket #2793 (Plugin Problems.DataAnalysis.Views depends on ...) created by gkronber
This is inconvenient as we need to ship the whole SymbReg stack …
11:08 Changeset [15026] by bburlacu

#2760: Ensure that the shuffleSamples flag is initialized after deserialization.


13:47 Changeset [15025] by jzenisek

#2719 updated assembly info etc.

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