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19:30 Changeset [14374] by gkronber

#745 added number of variables as secondary axis to the chart for coefficient values and changed x-axis to log-scaled.

09:06 Changeset [14373] by gkronber


  • using a line chart (IndexedDataTable) instead of a scatter plot
  • added number of variables (non-zero coefficients) to the line chart
08:14 DevelopersTeam edited by gkronber


18:04 Changeset [14372] by mkommend

#2672: Adapted OnlineAccuracyCalculator to use correct deep cloning pattern.

17:46 Changeset [14371] by mkommend

#2663: Fixed minor type in comment of PreprocessingChartView (uncheckt -> unchecked).

17:33 Changeset [14370] by mkommend

#745: Addressed some easy to implement review comments:

  • missing license header
  • renaming of variables
  • extracted DLLImports into a separate file
  • corrected plugin dependencies


15:03 Ticket #2695 (Line charts for regression should show an ID column along the x-axis) created by gkronber
For instance if the data are ordered by time the time should be shown …
12:47 Changeset [14369] by pfleck

#2694: Created the ExportDialog lazily.

12:43 Ticket #2694 (Lazy-loading of the ExportDialog in the EnchancedChart) created by pfleck
The ExportDialog is currently instantiated during the constructor of …
12:01 Ticket #2693 (Allow multi-selection for columns in the datagrid in the ...) created by gkronber
This is for example convenient if multiple columns should be deleted


21:11 Changeset [14368] by gkronber

#2690: recalculate RF if required before extracting a specific tree


19:03 Changeset [14367] by gkronber

#2692: show constants = 1.0 directly in the formula. Also fixed a bug for division with only one argument.

17:13 Changeset [14366] by gkronber


17:13 Changeset [14365] by gkronber

added template for regression problem instance providers

16:38 Ticket #2692 (The 'mathematical view' for symbolic expressions should show factors = ...) created by gkronber
Especially the expression 1/f(x) occurs frequently and would be easier …
15:11 Changeset [14364] by gkronber

implemented random search for binary problems

14:53 Changeset [14363] by gkronber

svn:ignore and missing project file

14:52 Changeset [14362] by gkronber

added algorithm template

14:25 Changeset [14361] by gkronber


14:25 Changeset [14360] by gkronber

added empty plugin template

14:04 Changeset [14359] by gkronber

Added a branch for HeuristicLab templates


16:05 Ticket #2691 (The view for misclassification penatlies should not allow changing the ...) created by gkronber


19:04 Changeset [14358] by gkronber

#2686: in the constants optimizer the variable weight must be multiplied to the variable value even when variable weights are not updated by the constants optimizer

14:20 Changeset [14357] by bburlacu

#2685: Minor refactor

10:17 Changeset [14356] by bburlacu

#2685: Fix exception with symbols with no children (sequence contains no elements), factor out common code in separate methods.


19:50 Changeset [14355] by bburlacu

#2685: Add correction step to account for grammar cycles. Update unit test/

19:33 Changeset [14354] by bburlacu

#2685: Revert accidental commit.

19:31 Changeset [14353] by bburlacu

#2685: Add correction step for values miscalculated due to cyclical symbol dependencies in the grammar. Updated unit test.

18:49 Changeset [14352] by bburlacu

#2685: Refactored length and depth calculation and updated unit tests.

09:44 Changeset [14351] by gkronber

#2650: merged r14332:14350 from trunk to branch

09:22 Changeset [14350] by gkronber

#2687: added support for lagged variables to infix parser and formatter

08:39 Changeset [14349] by gkronber

#2686: added support for lagged variables to constants optimizer

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