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22:51 Changeset [14265] by thasling

changed default entries in P2PMigrationAnalyzer

12:08 Changeset [14264] by thasling

removed debug code

12:06 Changeset [14263] by thasling

changed behaviour when determening a new free tcp port


12:02 Changeset [14262] by thasling

fixed bug, which not raised an exception

10:45 Changeset [14261] by thasling

re-enabled log in P2PMigrationAnalyzer
made code formatings


11:16 Changeset [14260] by bburlacu

#2660: Include instances with no noise. Improve formatting of problem description.

11:13 Ticket #2660 (Extend VariableNetworkInstances to include problems with no noise and ...) created by bburlacu
It should also be possible to use VariableNetwork problem instances …


15:04 Research edited by abeham
15:02 Research edited by abeham
15:00 Research edited by abeham
01:31 EvoSoft/2016 created by swagner
01:28 Research edited by swagner
00:31 DevelopersTeam edited by swagner


16:20 Changeset [14259] by gkronber

#2650: added support for factor variables to Excel formatter and Excel exporter as well as to the Latex formatter and consequently the mathematical representation view.

13:14 Ticket #2659 (Improve serialization and deserialization of Dataset) created by gkronber
It seems persistence of the individual columns (IList) is very slow. …
12:19 Changeset [14258] by gkronber

#2657: added random restarts for NonlinearRegression (curve fitting) algorithm


17:34 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS edited by swagner
17:31 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DeveloperGuidelines edited by swagner
17:28 Blog: New Website and Subversion URL edited by swagner
15:09 Ticket #2658 (Evaluation results are different after opening the simplifier view for ...) closed by gkronber
14:40 Changeset [14257] by abeham

#2651: removed failing tests from project, still left in Repository (renamed category from igraph to ExtLibs.igraph)

14:08 Ticket #2658 (Evaluation results are different after opening the simplifier view for ...) created by gkronber
12:37 Changeset [14256] by abeham


  • reverted Builder.testsettings
  • fixed bug in DllImporter (64bit call forwards)
12:04 Changeset [14255] by pfleck


  • Added the name of the target variable in plots and charts (scatter, line, ...).
  • Renamed MathSymbolicDataAnalysisModelView and added two subclasses for regression and classification that shows the name of the target variable in the equation. (added and used a new Format method to the LatexFormatter that uses the actual target name when encountering the StartSymbol)


14:20 Changeset [14254] by gkronber

removed logging

13:30 Changeset [14253] by gkronber

bugfixing (memory leaks)

09:15 Changeset [14252] by thasling

added IDisposable to classes with Dispose()-Method


20:10 Changeset [14251] by gkronber


  • extended non-linear regression to work with factors
  • fixed bugs in constants optimizer and tree interpreter
  • improved simplification of factor variables
  • added support for factors to ERC view
  • added support for factors to solution comparison view
  • activated view for all factors
12:37 Ticket #2657 (Possibility to do multiple random restarts for non-linear regression ...) created by gkronber
11:43 Ticket #2656 (Terms should be ordered by impact after simplification of symbolic ...) created by gkronber
07:18 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/IntegrateHeuristicLab edited by abeham


16:26 Changeset [14250] by abeham

#2651: removed workaround, added application base directory

15:34 Changeset [14249] by gkronber

#2650 added new symbol FactorVariable (renamed previous symbol to BinaryFactorVariable)
Work in progress.

15:18 Changeset [14248] by gkronber

#2650: added support for factor variables to target variation view together with Philipp

13:49 Changeset [14247] by abeham


  • partially reverted builder testsettings
  • added example on how to use native callbacks (depth-first-search and bfs)
10:47 Changeset [14246] by abeham

#2651: updated test settings (deployment items)


23:36 Changeset [14245] by abeham

#2651: worked on igraph integration

20:48 Changeset [14244] by abeham

#2651: worked on igraph integration, additional layout algorithms, density, page rank

  • added unit tests
13:00 Changeset [14243] by gkronber

#2650: renamed FactorVariable -> BinaryFactorVariable

11:39 Changeset [14242] by gkronber

#2650: added support for factor variables to OneR algorithm

10:22 Changeset [14241] by gkronber

#2650: added support for factor variables in specific solution comparison view for symbolic classification solutions

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