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23:48 Changeset [11546] by mkommend

#2174: Extracted wiring of real vector operators from the single objective programmable problem to the real encoding.

19:46 Changeset [11545] by bburlacu

#2234: Updated test resources.

18:15 Changeset [11544] by bburlacu

#2234: Updated sample scripts.

17:52 Changeset [11543] by mkommend

#2174: Refactoring of encodings to allow wiring of operators within the encoding instead of the problem (work in progress).

17:07 Changeset [11542] by bburlacu

#2234: Fixed bug in CrossValidate method where the OnlineCalculatorError was ignored. Updated GridSearch method to return the crossvalidation mse as an out parameter and to skip nan values.

15:58 Changeset [11541] by bburlacu

#2098: Updated SymbolicDiscriminantFunctionClassificationSolutionExcelExporter (added the missing functionality).

14:16 Changeset [11540] by mkommend

#2273: Changed behavior of CSV import for clustering problem data to enable all input variables per default.

14:04 Ticket #2274 (Cluster Visualization View cannot handle one dimensional data points) created by mkommend
The ClusterVisualizationView assumes that the points for visualization …
14:00 Ticket #2273 (CSV import into a clustering problem deactives the last input variable) created by mkommend
For clustering problem per default all input variables should be …
03:02 Changeset [11539] by swagner

#2205: Small UI tweaks and bug fixes

01:43 Changeset [11538] by swagner

#2205: Implemented review comments:

  • added IConnectablePort
  • replaced MessagePort.Messages by MessagePort.LastMessage
  • removed Path and PathChanged in NetworkItem

Additional changes:

  • refactored CanConnectToPort
  • refactored cloning of port parameters in MessagePortView


12:57 Ticket #2245 (Shuffle manipulation treats the training and test partition separately) closed by mkommend
done: r11537: Merged r11380, r11381 & r11403 into stable.
12:56 Changeset [11537] by mkommend

#2245: Merged r11380, r11381 & r11403 into stable.

12:37 Changeset [11536] by mkommend

#2268: Changed access modifier of EmptySymbolicExpressionTreeGrammer from internal to private.

12:35 Ticket #2257 (The Apply button in the DataPreprocessing view only applies the first ...) closed by mkommend
done: r11535: Merged r11418 into stable.
12:34 Changeset [11535] by mkommend

#2257: Merged r11418 into stable.

12:33 Ticket #2144 (Interpreter Evaluation Tests could fail if VS2013 is installed) closed by mkommend
done: r11534: Merged r11430 into stable.
12:33 Changeset [11534] by mkommend

#2144: Merged r11430 into stable.

12:30 Changeset [11533] by mkommend

#2271: Changed displayed text of the secont tab page in the AlgorithmView from 'Parameters' to 'Algorithm'

12:26 Ticket #2272 (Change title of "Parameters"-tab to "Algorithm" in the algorithm view) closed by mkommend
duplicate: This ticket is a duplicate to #2271
12:23 Changeset [11532] by mkommend

#2268: Added storable attributes and ctor to EmtpySymbolicExpressionTreeGrammar.


08:56 Changeset [11531] by pfleck

#2269 MatingPoolCreator now uses OpenLayers variable correctly.

04:24 Changeset [11530] by swagner

#2205: Implemented review comments

  • renamed GenericPort to MessagePort
  • refactored CanConnectToPort
  • refactored PrepareMessage
  • removed IConnectedPort

Additional changes:

  • added UserDefinedMessagePort
  • refactored CloneConnectedPortParameters to CloneParametersFromPort and moved it to ParameterizedPort
  • added ports to NetworkView
02:34 Changeset [11529] by swagner

#2205: Implemented review comments

  • made Node and Network abstract
  • renamed GenericNode to UserDefinedNode and sealed it
  • added sealed UserDefinedNetwork
  • made Nodes in Network not changeable by default
  • made Parameters in ParameterizedPort not changeable by default
  • removed value None in PortParameterType
  • refactored call algorithm.PrepareMessage() in AlgorithmNode
01:42 Changeset [11528] by swagner

#2205: Implemented review comments

  • adapted formatting of multi-line LINQ queries
  • renamed Entity to NetworkItem


12:10 Ticket #2272 (Change title of "Parameters"-tab to "Algorithm" in the algorithm view) created by gkronber
The first tab is named "Problem". From a user perspective it would be …
12:10 Ticket #2271 (Change title of "Parameters"-tab to "Algorithm" in the algorithm view) created by gkronber
The first tab is named "Problem". From a user perspective it would be …
01:10 Changeset [11527] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks

01:06 Changeset [11526] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


11:53 Changeset [11525] by bburlacu

#2098: Updated plugin dependencies.

11:40 Changeset [11524] by bburlacu

#2098: Updated plugin dependencies.

11:13 Changeset [11523] by bburlacu

#2098: Added support for boolean, conditional and comparison symbols in the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionExcelFormatter. Added SymbolicDiscriminantFunctionClassificationSolutionExcelExporter derived from the SymbolicSolutionExcelExporter. Updated view to use the specialized exporter.


23:18 Ticket #2270 (Fix event handling in RunCollectionViews) created by abeham
When a new result is added to a run, the RunCollection will fire a …
18:35 Ticket #2120 (RunCollection doesn't update ResultNames or ParameterNames when items ...) closed by abeham
done: r11522: merged to stable
18:35 Changeset [11522] by abeham

#2120: merged to stable

16:02 Changeset [11521] by pfleck

#2269 Simplified emigration of elders.


01:15 Changeset [11520] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


03:03 Changeset [11519] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


17:57 Changeset [11518] by ascheibe

#2267 added probabilities to results

16:35 Changeset [11517] by ascheibe

#2267 forgot to commit file

13:52 Changeset [11516] by ascheibe

#2267 added new subscopes comparer

12:41 Changeset [11515] by jkarder

#2211: changed my mind about testing ui code

10:26 Changeset [11514] by jkarder


  • updated/added unit tests
    • added AssemblyInitialize method to load all plugins, create output directories for (script) samples and initialize the MainForm
    • script code is now stored in test resource files
    • refactored unit tests
  • updated (script) samples
  • added Test.cmd


14:47 Changeset [11513] by ascheibe

#2267 made subscopes offspring comparer configurable

12:01 Changeset [11512] by ascheibe

#2267 minor fixes

11:49 Changeset [11511] by ascheibe

#2267 added crossover selection operators


15:06 Changeset [11510] by ascheibe

#2267 made offspring selector configurable

11:20 Changeset [11509] by pfleck

#2269 Updated ALPS UserDefinedAlgorithm.

10:57 Changeset [11508] by pfleck

#2269 Added first ALPS concepts as UserDefinedAlgorithm.

09:08 Changeset [11507] by pfleck

#2269 Created ALPS branch

09:05 Ticket #2269 (Implement ALPS) created by pfleck
Implement the Age-Layered Population Structure[1]. Abstract:
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.