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17:57 Changeset [11518] by ascheibe

#2267 added probabilities to results

16:35 Changeset [11517] by ascheibe

#2267 forgot to commit file

13:52 Changeset [11516] by ascheibe

#2267 added new subscopes comparer

12:41 Changeset [11515] by jkarder

#2211: changed my mind about testing ui code

10:26 Changeset [11514] by jkarder


  • updated/added unit tests
    • added AssemblyInitialize method to load all plugins, create output directories for (script) samples and initialize the MainForm
    • script code is now stored in test resource files
    • refactored unit tests
  • updated (script) samples
  • added Test.cmd


14:47 Changeset [11513] by ascheibe

#2267 made subscopes offspring comparer configurable

12:01 Changeset [11512] by ascheibe

#2267 minor fixes

11:49 Changeset [11511] by ascheibe

#2267 added crossover selection operators


15:06 Changeset [11510] by ascheibe

#2267 made offspring selector configurable

11:20 Changeset [11509] by pfleck

#2269 Updated ALPS UserDefinedAlgorithm.

10:57 Changeset [11508] by pfleck

#2269 Added first ALPS concepts as UserDefinedAlgorithm.

09:08 Changeset [11507] by pfleck

#2269 Created ALPS branch

09:05 Ticket #2269 (Implement ALPS) created by pfleck
Implement the Age-Layered Population Structure[1]. Abstract:


20:47 Changeset [11506] by bburlacu

#1772: Updated views (fixed position and anchors).

17:03 Changeset [11505] by abeham

#1614: updated to trunk changes

13:24 Changeset [11504] by mkommend

#2268: Set ADF grammar parameters to the correct during problem creation and disabled a warning in EmtpySymbolicExpressionTreeGrammar.


22:20 Changeset [11503] by bburlacu

#1772: Added handling of double click event in the genealogy graph (opens a new view of the selected symbolic expression tree). Added highlighting of trace data. Very minor cosmetic changes to the TraceCalculator. Removed resx file from project.

22:07 Changeset [11502] by bburlacu

#1772: Small refactoring in the GenealogyGraph.


02:54 Changeset [11501] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


23:51 Changeset [11500] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks

18:48 Changeset [11499] by bburlacu

#1772: Merged trunk changes.

16:52 Changeset [11498] by mkommend

#2268: Adapted unit test (cloning and tree creation) to work with the new empty expression tree grammar.

16:48 Changeset [11497] by mkommend

#2268: Stored a reference to the grammar object in the cut point to avoid multiple traversion of the parents nodes for grammar access.

16:47 Changeset [11496] by mkommend

#2268: Refactored tree creators to use new method for tree grammar creation and handled grammar cloning in the base class.

16:46 Changeset [11495] by mkommend

#2268: Corrected access modifiers in SymbolicExpressionGrammarBase.

16:45 Changeset [11494] by mkommend

#2268: Moved all grammar classes into a new folder. Added new EmptySymbolicExpressionTreeGrammar which is immutable and forwards all calls to the default grammar object.

16:41 Ticket #2268 (Tree grammars take up a lot of space in a persisted HL file containing ...) created by mkommend
For 50,000 trees the uncompressed file size necessary for storing all …
16:02 Changeset [11493] by bburlacu

#1772: Improved the way the TraceCalculator handles mutations, worked on the SymbolicDataAnalysisPoly10Analyzer (analyzer that tries to identify building blocks for the Poly-10 problem by doing a semantic comparison).

14:42 Changeset [11492] by ascheibe

#2267 added OSGA source from r11490

14:34 Changeset [11491] by ascheibe

#2267 created branch

14:27 Ticket #2267 (Implement different selection criterias for OSGA) created by ascheibe
This branch will be used to implement the following modifications for …
05:05 Changeset [11490] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


04:11 Changeset [11489] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


19:20 Changeset [11488] by bburlacu

#1772: Merged changes from the BottomUpSimilarityCalculator branch.

17:18 Changeset [11487] by bburlacu

#2215: Further improved performance of the BottomUpSimilarityCalculator.


19:56 Changeset [11486] by bburlacu

#2215: Renamed BottomUpTreeSimilarityCalculator to BottomUpSimilarityCalculator, improved performance by 10% by using the SymbolicExpressionTreeNodeComparer for ordering nodes (instead of string.Compare on node.ToString()). Updated the rest of the files accordingly.

19:10 Changeset [11485] by abeham


  • fixed some bugs
  • changed IsMaximizationProblem/Maximization to be an abstract property
  • changed Analyze to include an empty virtual definition
18:49 Changeset [11484] by abeham

#2174: Major refactoring

  • Removed ProblemDefinitionHosts
  • Renamed ParameterVector to Individual
  • Renamed Configuration to Encoding
  • Changed handling of existing operators that they will not be removed and recreated, but only rewired
10:31 Changeset [11483] by bburlacu

#2211: Updated script unit tests to wait for the script thread to finish before validating results.

01:31 Changeset [11482] by bburlacu

#1772: Added the ability to ignore variable weights or constant values to the BottomUpSimilarityCalculator and added parameters to the SymbolicDataAnalysisBottomUpDiversityAnalyzer. Added separate methods in the MaxCommonSubtreeSimilarityCalculator for performing matching with full subtrees (including all leaves) or without (like the old - and better - behavior).


14:55 Ticket #2266 (Synchronous control methods in IExecutable) created by abeham
Currently, the Start method of an algorithm forwards to the Start …


03:25 Changeset [11481] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


14:26 Changeset [11480] by jkarder


  • worked on variable management of VariableStoreView
  • fixed ReadOnly and Locked state changes in ScriptView
  • minor code improvements
12:52 Changeset [11479] by jkarder

#2262: worked on variable management of VariableStoreView

11:43 Changeset [11478] by pfleck


  • Added fall-back for solution parsing to try the own .opt-Format.
  • Parsing uses InvariantCulture instead of a specific one.
  • Small refactoring.
10:44 Changeset [11477] by mkommend

#2262: Refactored Script.GetAssemblies to get rid of the try/catch block.

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.