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17:32 Changeset [11279] by svonolfe

updated add material for ANOR

16:41 Changeset [11278] by bburlacu

#1772: GenealogyAnalyzer: add histogram and heatmap for absolute reproductive success values (how many offspring produced by a parent individual).

15:22 Ticket #2225 (VehicleRoutingProblem cannot load TSPLib(CVRP)) created by pfleck
The VehicleRoutingProblem cannot load the CVRPData from the TSPLIB. …
14:36 Changeset [11277] by pfleck

#2208 implemented InstanceConsumer of TSPData for OrienteeringProblem

14:34 Changeset [11276] by pfleck

#2208 fixed OrienteeringSolutionView when score range is zero


12:40 Changeset [11275] by pfleck

#2208 Removed manual add of the LocalImprovementOperator since VNS performs the lookup itself.


13:38 Blog: Industrial Challenge at GECCO 2014 edited by swinkler
added categories
13:36 Blog: Industrial Challenge at GECCO 2014 created by swinkler


13:28 Changeset [11274] by mkommend

#2224: Inserted string represenation (ToString) of non string data into string columns and increased the interval for column datatype detection from 10 to 100 in the TableFileParser.

13:26 Ticket #2224 (TableFileParser doesn't import numeric values into string columns) created by mkommend
If a column of a csv file contains numeric and string data and the …
12:26 Ticket #2096 (Persistence has issues with certain characters) closed by gkronber
done: r11273: merged r10960 from trunk to stable
12:26 Changeset [11273] by gkronber

#2096 merged r10960 from trunk to stable (release)


20:59 Changeset [11272] by bburlacu

#1772: Adjusted SolutionVariableName for symbolic data analysis similarity calculators.

16:34 Changeset [11271] by bburlacu

#1772: Added specialized diversity analyzers (phenotypic and bottom-up) and phenotypic similarity calculator.

15:52 Changeset [11270] by pfleck

#2208 fixed dimension bug and wrong initial endpoint when loading CVPR data

11:37 Changeset [11269] by pfleck

#2208 Uses DistanceHelper for calculating initial distance matrix

10:43 Changeset [11268] by pfleck

#2208 added additional missing value changed event handlers

10:12 Changeset [11267] by pfleck

#2208 Added missing ValueChanged events for visualization

09:54 Changeset [11266] by pfleck


  • Changed path visualization to line strip instead of polygon since start and end point must not match
  • Used correct incremental length calculation in CleanupTour


15:27 Changeset [11265] by pfleck

#2208 Improved orienteering solution view by labeling start and endpoint

15:04 Changeset [11264] by pfleck

#2208 Fixed random index calculation bug in shaking operator

14:58 Changeset [11263] by bburlacu


  • Vertex: remove cloning of arcs in the cloning constructor
  • DirectedGraph; Adjust cloning constructor to add arcs to cloned vertices
14:50 Changeset [11262] by bburlacu

#1772: Added missing Storable constructor to GenealogyGraphNode<T> class. Prefer cloning vertices in the GenealogyAnalyzer. Add In/Out Degree in node tooltip in the GenealogyGraphChart.

14:12 Changeset [11261] by pfleck


  • Added Schilde instances zip
  • Implemented additional InstanceConsumer of OPData in OrienteeringProblem
13:05 Changeset [11260] by pfleck


  • Added OPData
  • Added SchildeOPParser and SchildOPInstanceProvider
13:01 Changeset [11259] by mroscoe
09:27 Changeset [11258] by pfleck

#2208 Added Orienteering Instances Plugin


20:58 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by gkronber
added link to source browser (diff)


20:25 Changeset [11257] by bburlacu


  • GenealogyAnalyzer: compute relative success ratios per individual and save them in a DataTableHistory chart and as a heat map
  • GenealogyGraph: remove rank if it contains no vertices
  • BeforeManipulatorOperator: avoid "collection was modified" exception


19:39 Changeset [11256] by bburlacu

#2223: Changed arc data from IDeepCloneable to object.

16:31 Changeset [11255] by mroscoe
16:20 Changeset [11254] by bburlacu

#2215: Do not add the BottomUpSimilarityCalculator to the problem operators collection. Add it directly to the diversity analyzer.


17:11 Changeset [11253] by bburlacu

#1772: Ported the rest of the changes to the DirectedGraph and Vertex to the GenealogyGraph and GenealogyGraphNode. Adapted tracking operators, analyzers and views.

16:37 Changeset [11252] by mroscoe
10:21 Changeset [11251] by mkommend

#2223: Corrected compiler error in DirectedGraph.

10:10 Changeset [11250] by mkommend

#2223: Adapted events signatures in the directed graph.

10:03 Changeset [11249] by mkommend

#2223: Minor code changes in DirectedGraph (renaming of methods, code simplification).

00:08 Changeset [11248] by bburlacu

#2223: Added item attributes and firing of events in the DirectedGraph.


16:52 Changeset [11247] by pfleck

#2208 Now VNS adds LocalImprovementOperators from problem first (better default selection of operator)

16:41 Changeset [11246] by mroscoe
16:37 Changeset [11245] by pfleck


  • Added visualization in the visualization tab of the problem
  • Fixed bug in shaking operator when tour only consists of start and end point
15:23 Changeset [11244] by bburlacu

#2215: Updated test traits in the bottom up and max common subtree similarity tests.

15:10 Changeset [11243] by mkommend

#2223: Removed directed graph implementation from the bottom up tree distance branch.

15:02 Changeset [11242] by pfleck


  • Added MaximumBlockLength parameter in OrienteeringLocalImprovementOperator
  • Use and set parameter from ILocalImprovementOperator
15:02 Changeset [11241] by mkommend

#2223: Copied directed graph implented in bottom up tree distance branch into the trunk.

14:59 Changeset [11240] by pfleck

#2208 improved visualization of orienteering solution

13:58 Ticket #2223 (Directed graph class for HeuristicLab) created by bburlacu
Graphs are useful for representing hierarchical data in a compact way. …
13:44 Changeset [11239] by bburlacu


  • Renamed BottomUpSimilarityCalculator to BottomUpTreeSimilarityCalculator.
  • Refactored the BottomUpTreeSimilarityCalculator to accept a configurable list of commutative symbols (the children of commutative symbols need to be sorted according to their label).
  • Added MaxCommonSubtreeSimilarityCalculator performance test
  • Updated BottomUpTreeSimilarityCalculatorTest
13:06 Changeset [11238] by bburlacu

#2215: Updated interfaces and graph components according to the reviewer comments (IDirectedGraph, DirectedGraph, Vertex, Arc).

12:46 Changeset [11237] by pfleck

#2208 fixed bug in score calculation and used quality parameter

10:05 Changeset [11236] by pfleck

#2208 fixed bug in OrienteeringEvaluator

09:22 Changeset [11235] by pfleck


  • Implemented OrienteeringSolutionView
  • Fixed bug in tour cleanup
02:01 Changeset [11234] by bburlacu

#2215: Updated tests project. Fixed a couple of bugs when adding arcs to a vertex. Removed useless events from the directed graph. Worked around invalid operation exception when removing arcs.

01:41 Changeset [11233] by bburlacu

#1772: Worked towards integrating the new graph api with the tracking operators.


20:03 Changeset [11232] by bburlacu

#1772: Merged latest changes (directed graph and bottom up distance calculator) from the BottomUpDistance branch.

19:46 Changeset [11231] by bburlacu

#1772: Removed obsolete files.

19:32 Changeset [11230] by bburlacu

#2215: Fixed bug in MaxCommonSubtreeSimilarityCalculator and added performance unit test.

16:20 Changeset [11229] by bburlacu

#2215: Refactored and simplified DirectedGraph and related components API, simplified the BottomUpSimilarityCalculator by not using a directed graph and vertices but a simpler object so that the similarity calculator is self-contained.

15:43 Changeset [11228] by pfleck


  • Fixed bugs in cost calculation of insertion and replacement
  • Rewritten Cleanup of infeasible tours
  • Small refactoring
11:04 Documentation edited by abeham
02:17 Changeset [11227] by bburlacu

#1772: Added storable attributes to all the tracking operators. Added an additional method in the genealogy analyzer which computes the relative reproductive success for each individual in the population as the ratio of its offspring which make it into the next generation.

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.