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16:13 Changeset [10719] by sbreuer
  • highlight selected cells when search an replace opens
16:08 Changeset [10718] by mleitner

Add shuffletoindices

16:01 Changeset [10717] by aesterer

Added chart per variable feature to preprocessing chart view

15:57 Changeset [10716] by psteiner

changed description of item

15:48 Changeset [10715] by mleitner

Add methods for preview of deleting samples/variables without sufficient information

15:44 Changeset [10714] by rstoll
  • added inactive tab to preview tabs
15:43 Changeset [10713] by psteiner

FilterView + Design

15:39 Changeset [10712] by rstoll
  • Changed views to standard views in order that a double click opens them in a new tab
14:50 Changeset [10711] by rstoll

Moved methods for "delete columns/rows without sufficient information" from ITransformationLogic to IManipulationLogic

14:42 Changeset [10710] by rstoll
  • ManipulationView - textbox was glueing to the label in tab delete columns with small variance, fixed it
14:28 Changeset [10709] by rstoll
  • Added ManipulationView with Content

presentation logic implemented
manipulation actions for delete xY missing

  • License added to LineChartView
  • ShuffleWithRanges without parameter added to ManipulationLogic (will use training and test partition)
14:16 Changeset [10708] by tsteinre

Removed unnecessary features in ITransformation

14:13 Changeset [10707] by psteiner


14:07 Changeset [10706] by sbreuer
  • start with search at the beginning when reached the end
13:47 Changeset [10705] by sbreuer
  • enhanced usability
13:34 Changeset [10704] by mleitner

Add Tostring for comparison filter

13:14 Changeset [10703] by mleitner

Inverse search logic - keep rows which fulfill filter criteria

13:02 Changeset [10702] by tsteinre

refactored LinearTransformation / Transformation to fit HL coding style

12:50 Changeset [10701] by pfleck
  • Undeleted PreprocessingCheckedItemListView and set default view to false.
12:39 Changeset [10700] by psteiner

removed CheckedItemListView

12:37 Changeset [10699] by mleitner

Add transaction to apply filter and inverse delete order

12:27 Changeset [10698] by sbreuer
  • refactoring - extract iterator class
  • create utils folder
11:51 Changeset [10697] by psteiner
11:44 Changeset [10696] by mleitner

Add logic for apply filter button

11:38 Changeset [10695] by pfleck
  • Added Transformations to PreprocessingData
  • Added Transformations to DataAnalysisProblemData Parameters
  • Removed SymbolicExpressionTree as inverse transformation.
11:23 Changeset [10694] by tsteinre
  • LinearTransformation and Transformation now uses ITransformation,
  • refactoring
11:22 Changeset [10693] by psteiner

FilterInfo Update, View Changes on FilterView

11:10 Changeset [10692] by mleitner

Only consider active filters when calculating preview

10:52 Changeset [10691] by mleitner

Autosize table columns and keep selection on refresh

10:23 Changeset [10690] by pfleck
  • Added missing project file entry for transformation interface.
10:19 Changeset [10689] by pfleck
  • Added Transformation interface.


11:27 Changeset [10688] by mkommend

#1837: Added missing license headers to designer files for sliding window visualization.

11:24 Changeset [10687] by bburlacu

#1837: Added missing designer file.

10:06 Changeset [10686] by bburlacu

#1837: Added SlidingWindowBestSolutionsCollectionHeatMapView.


17:24 Changeset [10685] by bburlacu

#1772: Tracking building blocks: worked on tracking logic and on the FragmentView.

17:17 Changeset [10684] by mkommend

#1837: Added quality analyzer in template files for sliding window GP.

17:03 Changeset [10683] by mkommend

#1837: updated template files for sliding window GP.

15:17 Changeset [10682] by mkommend

#1837: Corrected output directories in sliding window branch.

13:38 Changeset [10681] by mkommend

#1837: Corrected project files and merged trunk changes to the sliding window branch.

13:26 Changeset [10680] by mkommend

#1837: Added DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression to the sliding window branch.

13:22 Changeset [10679] by mkommend

#1837: Added DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification to the sliding window branch.

13:20 Changeset [10678] by mkommend

#1837: Removed copy of plugins, which were added anew, in sliding window branch.


16:23 Changeset [10677] by bburlacu

#1772: Improved usage of GenealogyGraph and GenealogyGraphNode classes. Made some progress on building block tracing.


12:49 Changeset [10676] by pfleck
  • Data preprocessor now works with all types of data analysis problems. Only in case of a symbolic data analysis problem the inverse transformation information is added.
02:18 Changeset [10675] by bburlacu

#1772: Fixed genealogy graph creation.


17:14 Changeset [10674] by bburlacu

#1772: Found bug in GenealogyGraph creation, attempted fix by injecting vertex guid's in the individual scopes.

16:37 Changeset [10673] by pfleck
  • Preprocessing Plugin now uses ISymbolicDataAnalysisProblem instead of IDataAnalysisProblem
  • Added TransformationCollection to ISymbolicDataAnalysisProblem as hidden parameter
16:11 Changeset [10672] by sbreuer
  • change function headers in manipulationlogic to interface datatypes
  • implemented find and replace logic
16:09 Changeset [10671] by tsteinre

created LinearTransformation (not ready yet)

15:41 Changeset [10670] by sbreuer
  • cast all objects of matrix to heuisticlab strings
15:30 Changeset [10669] by tsteinre

Transformation: changed properties, moved to HeuristicLab.DataPreprocessing.Transformations

15:25 Changeset [10668] by rstoll

Change CTRL+F and CTRL+R to be executed when key down (is more usability friendly)

15:13 Changeset [10667] by mleitner

Dont calculate filter preview when no constraintdata

14:51 Changeset [10666] by sbreuer
  • initialize filterlogic list with true
14:39 Changeset [10665] by tsteinre

prepared TransactionalPreprocessingData to work with Transformations

14:26 Changeset [10664] by tsteinre

initial commit of abstract base class "Transformation" in DataPreprocessing plugin.

14:10 Changeset [10663] by rstoll

removed unnecessary check for IsNan in GetAverage

13:44 Ticket #2173 (Wrong argument is passed into base constructor in ComparisonConstraint) created by pfleck
A constructor from the ComparisonConstraint forwards the wrong …
13:42 Changeset [10662] by rstoll

Strange using added by visual studio, removed again

13:34 Changeset [10661] by mleitner

Cache Missing value dedection

12:25 Changeset [10660] by rstoll

Improved performance for RowUpdateHeaders()

11:17 Changeset [10659] by rstoll
  • improved performance, cell painting only if necessary
10:52 Changeset [10658] by aesterer

Created base view PreprocessingChartView for LineChartView and HistogramView. Replaced HistogramLogic and LineChartlogic with ChartLogic. Added base content ChartContent for LineChartContent and HistogramContent.

10:12 Changeset [10657] by sbreuer
  • remove references to .resx files
01:52 Changeset [10656] by bburlacu

#1772: Re-added old behavior: highlight received fragment when genealogy graph node is clicked.


17:17 Changeset [10655] by bburlacu

#1772: Made some progress towards the visualization of building block trajectories. Added the FragmentGraphView.


23:50 Changeset [10654] by bburlacu

#1772: Some progress on tracking fragments and building blocks, still incomplete.

18:01 Changeset [10653] by abeham

#2171: corrected build configuration for x86 and x64

17:05 Changeset [10652] by pfleck

Added unit test which loads all available VRP instances to check correct interpreter lookup.
(Same approach as QAPLIBInstancesTest)

16:59 Changeset [10651] by pfleck


  • Lookup for appropriate Interpreter now causes an InvalidOperationException if no or more than one interpreter is found.
  • Put InterpreterDataType extraction into new method for better readability.
16:59 Changeset [10650] by bburlacu

#1772: Added new SymbolicDataAnalysisGenealogyView and added support for the tracing of building blocks (finding the constituent ancestral elements of a selected subtree).

16:56 Changeset [10649] by bburlacu

#1772: Merged trunk changes (related to the ReingoldTilfordLayoutEngine).


13:00 Ticket #2141 (The evaluator is incorrectly initialized after deserialization) closed by gkronber
done: r10648: merged r10362:10363 from trunk to stable.
12:59 Changeset [10648] by gkronber

#2141 merged r10362:10363 from trunk to stable

12:53 Ticket #1972 (The TypeSelector dialog takes too long to show) closed by gkronber
done: r10647: merged r10497 from trunk to stable.
12:53 Changeset [10647] by gkronber

#1972: merged r10497 from trunk to stable.


17:40 Changeset [10646] by abeham

#2146: updated unit tests

15:17 Changeset [10645] by mkommend

#1997: Merged recent trunk changes for OS algorithm into the branch.

14:59 Ticket #2172 (OffspringSelector should be configurable to use the parents for ...) closed by mkommend
done: r10644: Merged r10639 and r10643 into stable.
14:59 Changeset [10644] by mkommend

#2172: Merged r10639 and r10643 into stable.

14:20 Changeset [10643] by abeham


  • Added hierarchy of parameters to enable this as a hidden parameter in OSGA, SASEGASA, Island-OSGA
    • New default value for Island-OSGA and SASEGASA is true (it will be set to false if loaded from an older file)
  • Changed visibility of some properties to public
12:41 Changeset [10642] by jkarder

#2136: fixed automatic selection of tabs (output window and error list)


13:38 Ticket #2167 (Illegal cross-thread exception in MainForm when removing progress ...) closed by abeham
done: r10641: merged to stable
13:38 Changeset [10641] by abeham

#2167: merged to stable


16:52 Changeset [10640] by mkommend

#1997: Merged trunk changes regarding offspring selector in the symbolic island algorithms branch.

16:47 Changeset [10639] by mkommend

#2172: Added parameter to configure if parents should be used instead of lucky losers to fill the actual generation.

16:10 Changeset [10638] by psteiner

adaption of FilterLogic

16:10 Changeset [10637] by psteiner

implementation FilterView and ComparisonFilterView

16:09 Changeset [10636] by sbreuer
  • further enhancements of FilterAndReplaceDialog
16:04 Changeset [10635] by rstoll

Fix for missing value filtering

15:33 Changeset [10634] by rstoll

val and value mixed - fixed

15:28 Ticket #2172 (OffspringSelector should be configurable to use the parents for ...) created by mkommend
Currently the OffspringSelector uses lucky losers to fill the new …
15:19 Changeset [10633] by rstoll

show FindReplaceDialog when CTRL+F, CTRL+R respectively

15:14 Changeset [10632] by rstoll

Added PreprocessingCheckedItemListView - was somehow not included in the project any more

15:08 Changeset [10631] by rstoll

deleted resx file

15:06 Changeset [10630] by sbreuer
  • added FindAndReplaceDialog
15:04 Changeset [10629] by rstoll

fix for editing strings

14:24 Changeset [10628] by aesterer

Refactored LineChartLogic and added CheckedItemListView to LineChartView

14:24 Changeset [10627] by rstoll

Show/hide columns was no longer displayed when a user clicked on the column header

14:23 Changeset [10626] by rstoll

interpolation was enabled when no string columns was selected even when user was in the first row - fixed

14:08 Changeset [10625] by pfleck
  • replaced ViewShortcutCollection with ItemCollection<IViewShortcut> for readonly compatibility.
14:02 Changeset [10624] by mleitner

Filter undefined values on statistics

14:00 Changeset [10623] by sbreuer
  • highlighting of cells
13:28 Changeset [10622] by rstoll

Delete rows implemented

13:24 Changeset [10621] by sbreuer
  • disable toolstrip menu items that are not possible for strings if only string columns are selectd
  • refactor interpolation
13:05 Changeset [10620] by mleitner

Fix filterlogic

13:00 Changeset [10619] by mleitner

Setup filter logic

12:53 Changeset [10618] by tsteinre

fixed typo in DataGridContent.cs

12:50 Changeset [10617] by pfleck
  • moved ViewShortcuts creations to PreprocessingView.
12:47 Changeset [10616] by rstoll

Changed row and columnIndex in order to be consistent with PreprocessingData

12:44 Changeset [10615] by sbreuer
  • allow replace value with ... functions for date time
12:05 Changeset [10614] by pfleck
  • replaced main menu list with ItemCollectionList
  • added ViewShortcut interface for menu items
10:49 Changeset [10613] by sbreuer
  • fixed date time bug
10:48 Changeset [10612] by rstoll
  • added InTranscation to ITransactionalPreprocessingData and used it in ManipulationLogic
10:22 Changeset [10611] by mleitner


10:22 Changeset [10610] by psteiner

removed res of filter

10:19 Changeset [10609] by tsteinre

changed TransactionalPreprocessingData ctor order on code

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