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20:54 Download edited by mkofler
20:50 Changeset [6556] by mkofler

Added download PNG for dev wiki

19:56 Changeset [6555] by mkommend

#1529: Corrected naming errors for GECCO tutorial.

14:45 Changeset [6554] by gkronber

#1529: remove 'updates available' icon after installing updates.

11:07 Changeset [6553] by gkronber

#1581: created a unit test for SVM performance

11:06 Ticket #1581 (SVM prediction is very slow) created by gkronber
10:47 Changeset [6552] by mkommend

#1555: Forbid renaming of nodes during experiment execution.

10:09 Changeset [6551] by mkommend

#1529: Corrected type in ThreadSafeLogTest.

10:03 Changeset [6550] by mkommend

#1555: Allowed editing of node on keypress (F2) and minor code clean up.

09:52 Changeset [6549] by mkommend

#1555: Fixed updating of the results collection in the experiment tree view.

02:59 Changeset [6548] by swagner

Incremented plugin version and assembly file versions (#1572)

01:26 Changeset [6547] by swagner

Changed ThreadSafeLogTest as testing the race condition with the unsafe log resulted in strange exceptions sometimes (#1545)

00:36 Changeset [6546] by ascheibe

Don't call Clear() on ThreadSafeLog in log_MessageAdded.
This doesn't work with the changes made in r6536 (LockRecursionPolicy.SupportsRecursion).
Instead use maxLogCount of Core.Log to limit the number of log messages kept in memory.

00:16 Changeset [6545] by swagner

Added missing license headers (#1529)


23:23 Changeset [6544] by swagner

Added missing license header, formatted code, adapted region descriptions (#1553)

17:45 Changeset [6543] by gkronber

#1529: fixed a bug in wiring code of cross-validation (partiton sizes are not updated correctly if the size of the problem stays the same).

16:36 Changeset [6542] by mkommend

#1555: Corrected SelectedItemImage and registering of algorithm events if the problem gets changed.

16:30 Changeset [6541] by gkronber

#1572: updated samples.

16:20 Changeset [6540] by abeham


  • fixed backwards compatibility methods
15:39 Changeset [6539] by mkommend

#1555: Optimized rebuilding of the image list due to performance reasons.

15:16 Ticket #1580 (Permission set granted for sandboxed application domains is not secure) created by gkronber
Related to ticket #831 To make the sandbox more secure the following …
15:10 Changeset [6538] by gkronber

#831: removed unnecessary method to load assemblies from byte arrays from SandboxApplicationManager. Minor changes in SandboxManager.

14:35 Changeset [6537] by swagner

Updated svn:ignore property (#1529)

14:30 Ticket #1579 (Code maintenance and minor changes) created by swagner
Use this ticket for minor changes and maintenance purposes that do not …
14:22 Changeset [6536] by gkronber

#1545: reviewed class ThreadSafeLog and removed the LockRecursionPolicy.SupportsRecursion option which is not necessary. Added unit test for the thread safe log.

14:02 Changeset [6535] by swagner

Corrected namespace of test project (#1537)

14:00 Changeset [6534] by mkommend

#1555: Changed icons for batch runs and experiments.

13:22 Changeset [6533] by gkronber

#1529: AlleleFrequencyAnalyzers only work for single-objective problems. Moved the analyzer down into the single-objective data analysis problem.

13:17 Changeset [6532] by gkronber

#1532: fixed minor problem in persistence of SymbolicExpressionGrammar

11:03 Changeset [6531] by mkommend

#1555: Corrected enabled state of add button.

10:58 Changeset [6530] by swagner

Updated HL tutorial slides

10:55 Changeset [6529] by mkommend

#1555: Corrected drag & drop in ExperimentTreeView.

10:01 Changeset [6528] by swagner

Added HeuristicLab tutorial slides

09:00 Changeset [6527] by swagner

Corrected cloning of multiple dropped items (#1564)

01:15 Changeset [6526] by mkommend

#1555: Enabled editing of node labels and optimized drag over method.

00:37 Changeset [6525] by abeham


  • Added additional constructors to ItemSet<T> that allow to take a custom IEqualityComparer<T>
  • Changed BestKnownSolutions from ItemList<T> to ItemSet<T>
  • Adapted BestQAPSolutionAnalyzer
00:17 Changeset [6524] by mkommend

#1555: ExperimentTreeView

  • Corrected flickering during item image update
  • Corrected state of details view host during algorithm execution (readonly, locked)
  • Added algorithm child nodes (problem, parameters, results)
00:13 Changeset [6523] by svonolfe

Removed IBX from project file (#1561)

00:10 Ticket #1578 (Algorithms cannot handle null as problem) created by mkommend
Since the wiring code of algorithms is problem dependent, most …
00:08 Changeset [6522] by svonolfe

Removed IBX for now (#1561)

00:04 Ticket #1577 (Scroll bar of DataGridView throws exception on updates) created by swinkler
If the scroll bar of a confusion matrix in classification results is …


22:40 Changeset [6521] by ascheibe

#1233 catch exception when querying execution times

21:13 Changeset [6520] by gkronber

#1450 implemented menu item to merge all data analysis solutions in a run collection into ensemble solutions and fixed a few bugs related to ensemble solutions.

20:52 Changeset [6519] by abeham


  • fixed code formatting
  • added some license headers
  • removed unnecessary resx file
20:29 Ticket #1576 (In the cross-validation the training and test partitions of enclosed ...) created by gkronber
When the algorithm is changed in an already configured CV and the …
20:17 Changeset [6518] by gkronber

#1536 enabled the plugin manager for every user again but removed the first tab which allowed to update all installed plugins as this is accomplished by the auto-updating mechanism now.

20:01 Ticket #1575 (Graphical view for random forest models) created by gkronber
Currently, there is no view for random forest models. It would be …
17:42 Ticket #1574 (An experiment with batch runs containing SVM regression cannot be paused) created by swinkler
To reproduce this do the following: Create an experiment with batch …
17:01 Changeset [6517] by mkommend

#1555: Implemented context menu to collapse & expand nodes.

10:29 Ticket #1573 (Nested Optimizers cannot be executed separately) created by mkommend
In the current implementation it is impossible to execute the …
09:26 Ticket #1572 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.5) created by swagner
Release steps: Trunk: 1. Update samples 1. Increment plugin …


15:12 Changeset [6516] by mkommend

#1545: Removed finalizer and locked cloning.

11:27 Changeset [6515] by gkronber

#1570: handled exception in auto-updating mechanism when no internet connection is available.

11:00 Changeset [6514] by mkommend

#1465: Removed unnecessary resx file.

10:08 Changeset [6513] by mkommend

#1555: Corrected toggle of collapse / expanded state of treenodes.

09:28 Changeset [6512] by mkommend

#1494: Corrected access modifiers of the cloning and storable ctor.

00:04 Changeset [6511] by abeham


  • a little undecided today, I removed the private struct for using KeyValuePair<U, V>
00:00 Changeset [6510] by abeham


  • reverted last change ...


23:59 Changeset [6509] by abeham


  • Added NonDiscoverableType attribute
23:58 Changeset [6508] by abeham


  • Fixed bug when CopySelected = false
23:15 Changeset [6507] by abeham


  • Made ULX crossover sealed
  • PermutationEqualityComparer
    • Now derives from EqualityComparer<Permutation>
    • Fixed the GetHashCode function to return the same hash value when the objects are equal according to the equals function
    • Created a unit test to test this comparer
22:17 Changeset [6506] by abeham


  • fixed bug in the Polynomial*PositionManipulator
  • updated test case
22:00 Ticket #1571 (Bug in the implementation of Polynomial*PositionManipulator) created by abeham
There is a bug in the implementation: For the …
20:32 Ticket #1570 (Unhandled exception when no internet connection is available) created by cneumuel
When starting the optimizer without having an internet connection, …
19:11 Changeset [6505] by gkronber

#1567: added assertions for the x64 results for PSO_Schwefel sample unit test.

18:29 Changeset [6504] by gkronber

#1567: updated test settings for unit tests executed locally and on the builder to execute the tests in an x64 process on x64 machines.

17:13 Changeset [6503] by mkommend

#1467: Changed AlleleTreeDepthParameter from IValueParameter to IFixedValueParameter.

14:52 Changeset [6502] by gkronber

#1567 changed GP unit tests and reverted changeset 6r499

14:39 Changeset [6501] by mkommend

#1529: Removed references to outdated plugins in HeuristicLab-3.3.Tests.

13:07 Changeset [6500] by mkommend

#1569: Added special handling for ThreadLocal<> in Object.GetObjectGraphObjects().

10:35 Changeset [6499] by gkronber

#1567 changed project configuration of HeuristicLab.Test-3.3 to Release/x86 for the solution configuration Release/AnyCPU.


09:51 Changeset [6498] by mkommend

#1555: Corrected tree node stated (expanded / collapsed) after double click.


13:08 Changeset [6497] by mkommend

#1479: Generate sample tree and minor bug fixes.

00:33 Changeset [6496] by mkommend

#1555: Added functionality to open new view on double click.


23:29 Changeset [6495] by cneumuel

#1569 checked in test-case

23:27 Ticket #1569 (Parallel execution of many algorithms fails (sometimes)) created by cneumuel
When many algorithms are executed in parallel some fail because the …
21:29 Changeset [6494] by mkommend

#1479: Corrected renaming of symbols in tree view.

15:16 Changeset [6493] by mkommend

#1479: added functional improvements to SymbolicExpressionGrammar editor.

14:08 Changeset [6492] by ascheibe

Admin UI:

  • don't completely rebuild treeview on drag and drop
  • some bugfixes
09:25 Changeset [6491] by svonolfe

Fixed compiler warnings (#1561)

09:22 Ticket #1347 (Implement HiveEngine) closed by cneumuel
duplicate: HiveEngine development progress has been reported in ticket #1233
09:21 Ticket #1260 (Hive-3.3 development) closed by cneumuel


23:56 Changeset [6490] by cneumuel


  • minor fix
23:56 Changeset [6489] by cneumuel


  • fixed issue with multiple problems (by introducing valuesReadOnly to IOptimizable)
  • fixed error message when removing last problem instance
  • made quality measure name configurable
17:58 Changeset [6488] by mkommend

#1555: Fixed docking issues with expanded nodes.

17:49 Ticket #1568 (`IFixedValueParameter` is problematic for `MetaOptimization`) created by cneumuel
When an algorithm is parameterized in meta-optimization, only IItems …
17:44 Changeset [6487] by ascheibe

#831 removed unnecessary permission

17:43 Changeset [6486] by cneumuel


  • fixed generating combinations for non EngineAlgoritms
17:00 HiveEngine2.png attached to Documentation/Howto/Use Hive Engine by cneumuel
17:00 HiveEngine.png attached to Documentation/Howto/Use Hive Engine by cneumuel
17:00 Documentation/Howto/Use Hive Engine created by cneumuel
16:41 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by cneumuel
16:40 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by cneumuel
16:35 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by cneumuel
16:35 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by cneumuel
16:33 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by cneumuel
16:29 Permissions.png attached to Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization by cneumuel
16:29 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by cneumuel
16:28 Changeset [6485] by mkommend

#1555: Added remove by keystroke functionality and refactored the code.

16:22 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by cneumuel
16:20 JobStates.png attached to Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization by cneumuel
16:19 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by cneumuel
16:01 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveSlave edited by ascheibe
15:59 Changeset [6484] by cneumuel


  • binaries
15:59 Changeset [6483] by cneumuel


  • fixed deleting of not-uploaded experiments
15:51 Changeset [6482] by jhelm

#1329: Applied some changes to the ScheduleView. Added TaskNr properties to ScheduledTask to make specific selection of tasks in the view possible.

15:42 Changeset [6481] by cneumuel


  • added web.config from services
  • added some help-sql scripts
15:41 consoleclient.png attached to Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveSlave by ascheibe
15:39 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveSlave created by ascheibe
15:32 Changeset [6480] by cneumuel


  • binaries
15:20 Changeset [6479] by cneumuel


  • finished experiment sharing
  • added role for executing privileged jobs
  • refreshing experiments in experimentManager does not delete already downloaded jobs
  • moved some properties from HiveExperiment into RefreshableHiveExperiment
14:33 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by ascheibe


23:18 Changeset [6478] by cneumuel


  • minor improvements
  • binaries
  • stats


18:23 Changeset [6477] by gkronber

#1553: fixed result values in assertions for the unit test of the PSO_Schwefel sample.

18:21 Ticket #1567 (PSO sample produces different results on x86 and AnyCPU builds) created by gkronber
17:51 Changeset [6476] by gkronber

#1553: added remaining unit tests to create and run optimizer samples.

14:23 Changeset [6475] by jhelm

#1329: Added DirectSchedule-Classes for optimization with the direct-schedule encoding.

12:17 Ticket #1566 (ValueParameters in algorithms should be changed to FixedValueParameters) created by gkronber
To make it easier to use HL algorithms directly without the GUI.
12:15 Ticket #1565 (Parameter properties in algorithms should be public) created by gkronber
10:56 Changeset [6474] by gkronber

#1553: updated result assertions for GA samples

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.